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What to do when you can't get a Hatchimals in time for Christmas

Couldn't get your hands on this year's hottest new toy? The new Hatchimals North Pole site should tide your kids over until new stock comes in January.


Update: Target recently announced that they'll be restocking Hatchimals on Dec. 11! Canadian parents: If you're looking to snag one of these little guys, remember that Target now ships to Canada. Dismayed by the shipping cost? Maybe it's time to take a mini-shopping trip. After all, according to National Geographic, 75 percent of the Canadian population lives within 161 km of the U.S. border. 

Unless you're willing to fork over hundreds of dollars from resellers on eBay (or you saw our Facebook live in October and snatched one up early), your Christmas tree probably won't have a Hatchimal waiting underneath it to be unwrapped on the morning of Dec. 25.

This year's hottest toy is mostly sold out until after the holidays, but that doesn't mean your kid can't still enjoy some Hatchimals fun. Spin Master, the company behind the popular nurturing toy, just launched a new North Pole site to placate disappointed kids whose parents weren't able to get their hands on one in time for the holidays.

The site has a bunch of Hatchimals-themed activities kids will love like colouring pages and a Hatchy-Matchy online card game. There's also the "What to Egg-spect" section, which gives kids all kinds of tips and tricks to use when raising a Hatchimal of their own in the new year.

If parents sign up for email updates, they'll be notified as soon as new stock is available. They'll also be sent an official "Letter from Santa" explaining to kids that since Santa may not have a Hatchimal for them until after Christmas, kids can have fun on the North Pole site while they wait. This comes after a handful of fake apology letters from Santa made their rounds on the blogosphere earlier this week. One letter even referenced a how the population of Hatchimals at the North pole is on the brink of extinction so they won't be given out as presents until they've had a chance to repopulate.

So if you've been scouring the shelves for a Penguala, Burtle, Draggle, Owlicorn or Bearakeet, this site may just be the answer to your prayers. If not, there's loads of other amazing toys to get for your kids instead.


This article was originally published on Dec 04, 2016

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