When should our tween see an orthodontist?

Even if your tween might still be losing baby teeth, it might be beneficial to have them visit an orthodontist for a consultation.

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Q: Our dentist says we should take our nine-year-old to see an orthodontist. But isn’t it kind of early for braces? She’s still losing her baby teeth.

A: Orthodontic treatment is much broader than braces alone. It can also involve orthopaedic jaw expansion, facial growth modification and interceptive procedures, just to name a few of the other issues that may need addressing. These treatments can be most beneficial in preadolescent children because they can help put their teeth and jaws into a more stable position, which will result in less shifting of the teeth later. The decision on whether to begin early treatment or wait should be made after an appropriate consultation with an orthodontist, whose treatment goals are to help patients achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

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