My daughter bullies me

What to do about your teen's unacceptable behaviour

Q: My daughter can be quite insensitive to the point where I feel that she is bullying me. She has called me “lame” and “stupid.” She usually apologizes, but only after I have threatened to take away a privilege. Is this typical 14-year-old behaviour?

A: No, it’s not typical behaviour, and you should not have to tolerate it. That said, threatening to remove privileges isn’t the answer.

You need to first refuse to allow her (or anyone else) to treat you in that fashion. Tell your daughter that her rude comments are now over. Then, when she calls you a name, simply turn away, leave the room and ignore her.

You also need to work on the relationship. Talk to her about how you feel about her comments. Try to avoid being judgmental. If you can’t get to the bottom of the problem, you may want to consider counselling together.

Teens often think their parents are lame and not very cool, but your daughter is being downright rude and that’s simply not acceptable.

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