“Stay weird” and other brilliant advice from kids

Canadians of all ages give advice to their younger counter-parts in this hilarious yet heartwarming video.

After 11 years, CBC’s radio show WireTap is saying a sweet farewell to its listeners. The show asked Canadians to reveal what wisdom they would share with someone younger than them. The advice is heartfelt, laugh-out-loud funny and actually useful.

“Dear 7-year-old,
No matter what anyone says, stay weird.
An 8-year-old”
(in a Viking helmet)

This next one rang true for us:
“Dear 12-year-old,
Ask her to dance—just trust me on this one.
A 16-year-old”

And proving that you’re never too old to be on the receiving end of an important life lesson, many adults also shared their best advice:

“Dear 51-year-old,
One cat is enough cats.
A 53-year-old”

Make sure to watch until the end to find out why you need friends who are younger than you. Plus, there are hilarious bloopers and a heartfelt letter from WireTap.

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