Nine-year-old boy opens lemonade stand to help fund adoption

When life gives you lemons... Tristan Jacobson uses them to help with adoption

By Gillian Grossman

Photo: Andrew Jenson, The Springfield News-Leader Photo: Andrew Jenson, The Springfield News-Leader

So this is basically the sweetest thing ever.

Tristan Jacobson, a nine-year-old boy from Springfield, Missouri, recently decided to make a stand—literally, when he made a lemonade stand to help raise money to help himself get officially adopted into the Davis family.

Tristan has lived with the family for four years and wants nothing more than to be part of the family legally. His guardians, Donnie Davis and her husband, agree. But what's standing in their way are the costs associated with formalizing the adoption: almost $10,000.

So when his guardians held a yard sale to cover some of the costs, Tristan decided to set up a lemonade stand to help out.

Once news spread, people started travelling hours just to buy a $1 glass of lemonade from the young boy. By the end of the weekend, more than $7,000 had been raised for the adoption, with the rest of the needed funds (and more) coming from fundraising site

In an interview with a reporter, Tristan was asked, "Why is this adoption important to you?" His answer: "This is my dream. I love my mom." Awwww! This is a family that deserves to stay together.

This article was originally published on Apr 26, 2016