At a loss

How to help a child who is constantly losing things

Q: My 12-year-old daughter constantly loses things. I had to replace her lunch bag four times this year, and last week she forgot her bike at the park and now it’s missing. How do I help her become more responsible?

A: Some people are just better at remembering details than others. Your daughter may not be a detail person. Help her develop a plan that will work for her. You might try teaching her to make a list of what she needs to take to school and what she needs to bring home. If she has a cellphone, she could put the list on her phone. That way she will always have the list with her. Have her take responsibility for the things she misplaces. If she loses her lunch bag, she needs to use her allowance money to replace it. When the loss becomes her problem instead of yours, she will want to figure out how to get herself organized.

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