Is it OK for my daughter to pee standing up?

Our expert offers advice on the potty training habits of a three-year-old girl.

Photo by: Schulzie/istock

Q: My three-year-old daughter has started trying to pee standing up when she’s at her preschool (her classroom is mostly little boys). Can we allow it for now? We’re just happy she’s potty training. 

A: It’s worthwhile to encourage her to sit on the toilet, rather than stand, because every child has to be able to sit on the toilet to accomplish bowel training. And unless her aim is unusually accurate for a three-year-old girl, at least some pee is ending up outside the toilet. A fun toilet insert (maybe with a favourite cartoon character on it) might entice her to sit rather than stand. You can also offer her a more valued reward when she sits to pee.


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