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Goose egg bump that won't go away

Here's when a goose egg or bump on the head is a cause for concern.

By Indra Dhunnoo, paediatrician
Goose egg bump that won't go away

Photo: Marcel Mooij/iStockphoto

Q: My three-year-old bumped his forehead on the bathroom sink and has had a goose egg for more than a week. Why isn’t it going away, and do we need to get it checked out?

A: The blood vessels under the scalp are abundant and easily ruptured by trauma, causing blood to collect and form a swelling under the skin. This is called a scalp hematoma (also known as a goose egg) and it will be spongy at first.

If your son recovered soon after the incident, with no vomiting, sleepiness or abnormal behaviour in the first 24 hours, a brain injury is not likely.

The goose egg will change colour from blue, to green, to brown before settling. If you notice unusual behaviour, or if swelling appears elsewhere on his body, see a doctor.

This article was originally published on Jun 18, 2012

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