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Full-day kindergarten: Too soon for my toddler?

Lisa van de Geyn's a little excited (and a lot nauseous) as she prepares to sign her youngest up for junior kindergarten.

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By the time you're reading this, I'll have made my way to Addyson's school, and will have filled out the paperwork, showed the necessary ID and signed my little Peypee up for school in September.

Like I was when I did this two years ago with Addy, I have a whack of mixed emotions. No longer do I believe that JK is a glorified daycare (Mrs. E and the kindergarten staff at Addy's school taught me that very early on—and I believe Mrs. E has made Addy into the smart cookie she is today), so I know that it will be good for Peyton.

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This time around, I'm—um, er—how do I say this nicely? I'm worried that she'll be a tired mess being in school all day, every day. I'm worried the school won't want Peyps and they'll send her back and suggest she wait another year. You know, another year until she doesn't want to eat ALL DAY LONG. Another year before she stops that incessant whining that I hate so much. Another year before she can poop on the potty all the time. (If her sister has taught me anything about poop, it's that Peyps will do it two weeks before school starts—just to keep me sweating.) Should we wait to enroll her until she stops sounding so babyish when she speaks? Should we wait until she's out of her terrible twos? (No sign of that on the horizon yet, sadly.)

I know she'll have a ton of time to mature and change before JK, and Peter is confident she'll be alright. (He's also confident she'll be a complete handful for the poor teacher who ends up with her. You can bet that I'll be pushing as politely as a parent can for her to be put into Mrs. E's class come September.)


As the worrywart, I'm concerned that she'll still be too little, too shy, too unready by the time comes. But, to be fair, I was exactly like this with Addy—and we all know how that went.

Is anyone else signing up their born-in-2010 little one up for JK tomorrow or in the next couple of months? Are you concerned about him/her going into the full-day program?

This article was originally published on Jan 17, 2014

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