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Easy preschooler activity: Squiggle!

This creative game from our friends at Bunch Family can be played almost anywhere and is guaranteed to get your child's imagination going

By Bunch
Easy preschooler activity: Squiggle!

We love playing Squiggle with our kids because it’s one of those insanely basic activities that requires almost no equipment or preparation and can be played endless times without getting boring. If you wanted to get all child psychologist about it, you could use the squiggle drawing and what your kid does with it as some sort of Rorschach test, but we advise against this; just let them draw while you stand back and admire your kid’s artistic ability.
Age range: 3-6

-       paper
-       writing/colouring utensils
-       flat surface
1.     Take a black piece of paper and with a pen, marker, crayon or pencil, draw a squiggle or doodle. Don’t worry about making a specific shape, or if your squiggle overlaps anywhere, just draw something abstract.
2.     Hand your child some drawing utensils and tell him to turn your squiggle into a drawing. Maybe ask him what the squiggle reminds him of and then ask if he wants to make a drawing around that. For example, if your child thinks the squiggle resembles the surface of a lake, maybe she wants to draw a canoe and some swimmers. Or maybe to her the squiggle looks like the body of an otherworldy being.
3.     Have your child tell you what’s going on in the picture he created.
4.     Repeat steps 1-3.

This article was originally published on Nov 07, 2011

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