Comparing siblings

Tips on how to avoid comparing your kids' development

Q: My seven-year-old son was always very advanced. For example, he knew his ABC’s, colours and numbers by age one. I’m worried because my three-year-old son still doesn’t know the basics. I think we spend the same amount of time working with both of them. What’s going on?

A: Don’t compare your second child to your first, especially since your first sounds like he was extremely advanced. Easier said than done, I know, but when you consider other children his age, your son is developing normally. Try not to worry too much, especially in front of your younger son. You don’t want to unintentionally send the message that he’s not meeting your expectations, which could leave him feeling inadequate and hurt his self-esteem. Colour concepts are abstract and you’ll probably find that one day he’ll suddenly get it. And at three, most children are only beginning to be able to recognize numbers and do some rote counting. Don’t push him. Just relax and enjoy your child. Let him learn in his own time.

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