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10 Best Board Games for Preschoolers

An expert toy buyer dishes on the best learning board games for preschoolers.

10 Best Board Games for Preschoolers

Experts discuss best board games for preschoolers—and you'll have some fun too!

Making learning fun

We went straight to the expert to compile this list of the best board games for preschoolers. Sandra Smith, the marketing product manager at Scholar's Choice, has been buying teaching and learning toys and games for 16 years. Here are her top picks!

Alphabet Fun To Know Puzzles

Alphabet Fun To Know Puzzles, Best Board Games For Preschoolers Merchant

Teaching letter recognition and early reading is a breeze with this 52-piece puzzle (which forms 26 mini puzzles, one for each letter) with photos of an item with its name below and connecting pieces with corresponding letters. A for apple! It's one of our favorite games for toddlers of all types and styles.

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders, Board Games For Preschoolers Merchant

The classic game is a great way to get kids counting. "You can talk about odd and even numbers, patterns and counting by twos or threes," says Smith. This game for kids is fun for older siblings, too.


Younger players work on counting, team work and fine motor skills.

Three Little Piggies logic game

Three Little Piggies logic game, Best Board Games For Preschoolers Merchant

These little piggies need help building their 3D puzzle-piece houses. But watch out—if you see the wolf, hurry up and get your piggy out of harm's way. This game is great for developing logic skills.

Pop for Letters game

Pop for Letters, Best Board Games For Preschoolers Merchant

Little learners can reach their hands into this cinema-style box to find 100 popcorn-shaped cards with upper and lowercase letters. It's a fun way to teach letter sounds and recognition. Players take turns at this simple game of barnyard fun that serves an age range of three to six with ease.

Blue Orange Games Spot It! Jr Animals

Blue Orange Games Spot It! Jr Animals, Best Board Games For Preschoolers Merchant

Beautifully illustrated, each card features six cute animals for kids to spot. Flip two cards and have your little one quickly identify two matching images. They'll have so much fun, they won't even know they're improving their visual perception and cognitive skills.

Let's Feed The Very Hungry Caterpillar game


Let's Feed The Very Hungry Caterpillar game, Best Board Games for Preschoolers Merchant

Based on Eric Carle's much-loved best-selling book, players move their caterpillar around the board to different pieces of fruit, stoping for a snack and collecting a butterfly puzzle piece as they move along. "If it's familiar, the child can pick out what color caterpillar they want to use.


It's about learning simple numbers and it all goes back to one of their favourite stories." The game also encourages building skills and letter recognition. Start playing and then move on to the best books for toddlers (or reverse!).

"It's one of my favorite board games," shares Milli, our Commerce Director's preschool-age daughter.

ThinkFun Zingo! Bingo!

ThinkFun Zingo! Bingo!, Best Board Games for Preschoolers Merchant

Perfect for pre-readers, players match the picture to the word via cards with simple illustrations and a word below. "This is great because the word is on the card with the picture, so when your child sees the card, they'll know the picture and begin to recognize the words as well," says Smith.

It's one of the best board games for toddlers who love the combination of sight and sound. We love this game for older kids, too.

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This article was originally published on Aug 23, 2016

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