Nike ad celebrating Chicago Cubs' World Series gives us all the feels

"Cubs win! Cubs win!" We know there's no crying in baseball, but this super sweet ad is totally making us weepy.


They say there’s no crying in baseball…but what about for the ad played last night right after the Chicago Cubs’ first World Series championship in 108 years? Can we cry over that? Because we’re definitely crying over that.

In the first TV ad spot immediately after the Cubs’ historic win, we see a young ball player pitch, hit, catch, and field as a one-man team determined to break the Cubs’ championship drought. It’s incredibly adorable, and something we’ve seen so many kids do, whether they’re fans of baseball, hockey, or football. And while this ad will probably resonate with you the most if you’re a Cubs fan (or a Blue Jays fan who just wanted to see Cleveland lose), it’s really just the sweetest look at a kid with a big dream. Watch the video below:

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