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14 math workbooks for kids

Looking to help your little ones boost their math skills at home? These math workbooks for kids can help.

14 math workbooks for kids

Math workbooks for kids

Reading, Writing, and Math

NELSON and Disney Learning, $15,

With sections ranging from number sense to geometry, this workbook filled with beloved Disney characters will help your little learner build the skills they need to become great at math. These workbooks come in levels from Pre-K to Grade 2 and also feature sections on reading and writing.

Cover for Nelson's Disney Learning workbook featuring Simba from the Lion KingPhoto: Nelson

Ready Set Learn: Beginning Math

Ready Set Learn, Teacher Created Resources (AGES 4-5) $6,

This workbook doesn’t feel like work, because it’s packed with fun activities that just happen to teach kids the basics of math. The book makes it easy for parents to keep kids motivated, as it comes with more than 180 stickers, plus an award, ribbon sticker and reward chart. 

14 math workbooks for kidsPhoto: Scholar's Choice


My Book of Easy Telling Time

Kumon Publishing North America Inc. (AGES 4-6), $7,

Teach your kid how to tell time with the step-by-step approach set out in this workbook. Using colourful charts and imagery, this book starts off with whole hours and slowly increments to half-hours and quarter-hours. A different version of this workbook is also available for teaching kids about minutes. 

14 math workbooks for kidsPhoto: Kumon

Money Made Easy

DK Publishing (AGES 8-9), $8,

In Money Made Easy, your kid will learn all about Canadian currency and how to use it in real-life situations. Exercises include adding up costs for items at a store and how to make change from bills. Plus, it comes with gold star stickers you can use as rewards. 

14 math workbooks for kidsPhoto: DK

Grow To Know: Subtraction

Kumon Publishing North America Inc. (AGES 6-8), $7,

Subtraction, minus, take-away… Whatever they call it, when your kids are through with this Kumon workbook, they’ll be able to subtract from numbers up to 20. Grow to Know books come in a smaller format that are perfect for tiny hands and taking them on the go. This workbook series also comes in other subjects, like addition and multiplication, and for other age ranges.

14 math workbooks for kidsPhoto: Kumon


Real Life Math Series: Menu Math

Remedia Publishing, $20,

What better way to learn math than with cool real-life examples, like ice cream! This book features a colourful foldout menu which students can refer to for costs when spending money at a restaurant. When they’re finished this workbook, your kid will know how to figure out food costs, tax, total restaurant bills and how to make change. Cha-ching!

14 math workbooks for kidsPhoto: Scholar's Choice

Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Math Skills

Kumon Publishing North America Inc. (AGES 4-5), $8,

Your kid will march into kindergarten far ahead of the pack after familiarizing herself with various shapes and numbers 1 to 30 through fun activities.

14 math workbooks for kidsPhoto: Kumon

Ladybird I’m Ready… For Maths! Multiplying and Dividing

Penguin UK (AGES 4-6), $8,

Motivate your kid to learn multiplying and dividing with over 80 stickers and tons of activities developed by experienced math teachers. This book covers topics like doubling, halves and quarters, and counting up in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. If math isn’t your forte, you’ll appreciate the helpful notes for parents on every page.

14 math workbooks for kidsPhoto: Indigo


09Minutes a Day: Multiplication

DK Publishing (AGES 8-9), $11,

Practice makes perfect, but daily practice is even better. This workbook comes with a 10-minute timer so your kid can track his study time. This 10-minute workbook series also comes in other topics like fractions, problem-solving, decimals and more.

14 math workbooks for kids

Word Problems

Kumon Publishing North America Inc. (AGES 11-12), $9,

Learn math using words? Yep! This workbook, aimed at kids 11-12, teaches kids about speed, distance and time. The series also has workbooks for kids in grades 1 to 6.

14 math workbooks for kidsPhoto: Kumon

Junior Kindergarten Made Easy

DK Publishing (AGES 4-5), $17,

Though this workbook covers four different areas of study (math, science, spelling and language arts), its math section helps JK students practice reading and writing numbers up to 10, recognizing shapes and differences, and adding and subtracting by one. It also comes with gold star stickers!

14 math workbooks for kids


Summer Review and Prep: Math and Reading

Kumon Publishing North America Inc. (AGES 5-7), $13,

Get your kid ready for school during the summer break by reviewing topics like two-digit addition, subtraction, word problems, telling time and measurement. Kumon’s Summer Review and Prep series comes in workbooks ranging from kindergarten to grade 5. 

14 math workbooks for kidsPhoto: Kumon

Scholastic Early Learners: Wipe-Clean Workbooks — Grade 1

Scholastic (AGES 5-7), $12,

Get your little one a workbook they can always use. This wire-bound workbook comes with a marker and glossy pages that make it easy to wipe clean after they’ve completed the page or made a mistake. She’ll be able to practice simple addition and subtraction, number bonds, number stories, and digital time.

14 math workbooks for kidsPhoto: Scholastic

Summer Study Daily Activity Workbook

Flash Kids (AGE 8), $7,

Ninety pages in one workbook means your kid can do one page per day of her summer vacation! This series comes in different versions, ranging from kindergarten to grade 5. 

14 math workbooks for kidsPhoto: Indigo

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This article was originally published on Jul 26, 2016

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