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RECALL: Toy Story 4 Backpack from Pull-Ups Plus training pants

Health Canada is recalling Toy Story 4 backpacks included in Kimberly-Clark Pull-Ups Plus boxes after discovering they may contain finishing scissors.

By Today's Parent
RECALL: Toy Story 4 Backpack from Pull-Ups Plus training pants

Photo courtesy of Health Canada

Health Canada has issued a recall on Toy Story 4 Backpacks found in specially-marked Pull-Ups Plus training pants after discovering some packages may contain finishing scissors. The finishing scissors potentially found in the backpacks could cause an abrasion, laceration, or puncture hazard to a caregiver or child.

The backpack is available in four different graphics designs, which are identical other than the image on the backpack, and the backpack colours. The backpacks were included as a promotional item in club store retail cases of Pull-Ups Plus training pants. Pull-Ups Plus retail cases containing backpacks have the same UPC code as Pull-Ups Plus retail cases that do not contain backpacks.  Thus, cases containing backpacks are most easily identified by the presence of an image of the backpack and the text "Bonus Inside" on the multiple sides of the retail case.

Approximately 8,396 packages of the affected diapers were sold in Canada between August and October of 2019.

RECALL: Toy Story 4 Backpack from Pull-Ups Plus training pants

As of January 7, 2019 the company has received no Canadian reports of finishing scissors in backpacks and no reports of injuries in Canada.

What should you do?

If you have purchased these diapers, please take the following actions:

  1. Remove the backpack and its packaging from the case.
  2. Thoroughly inspect the backpack and its packaging for the accidental inclusion of a pair of finishing scissors.
  3. If finishing scissors are found, please contact the Pull-Ups Training Pants Customer Care Line at 1-888-778-5587.
  4. Please do not return the item to the retailer.

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