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Here's where to buy N95 and KN95 masks for kids

Looking to upgrade your kid's mask? Also known as respirators, N95s and KN95s provide the highest level of protection against COVID-19.

By Today's Parent
Here's where to buy N95 and KN95 masks for kids


Scientists have learned a lot about COVID over the past few years, and increasing evidence tells us that the virus is spread through tiny particles that hang in the air. As a result, mask recommendations have evolved. According to the most recent guidelines from the Public Health Agency of Canada, medical masks or respirators (like N95s and KN95s) can be more effective against the spread of COVID-19 than non-medical or cloth masks.

If you're looking to arm your little ones with the highest level of protection, just keep in mind that fit plays an important part; if a child is constantly fiddling with or adjusting their mask, you may need to try out a few options to find the right brand for your kid. The fit should be snug around their face, with no gaping fabric.

As the omicron variant spreads and more Canadian children return to the classroom, here are our top picks for N95 and KN95 masks for kids, plus a few other respirator options.

(Note: with such high demand, inventory sells out regularly and back orders are common. Please check back frequently for availability. Some websites, like Canada Strong, also have the option to receive an email notification when they're back in stock.)


1. Children's CAN99e 

White Can99e respirator mask Photo: Vitacore Industries

$25/box of 10,; $20/box of 10,

2. Good Manner Kids KF94

Kids' KF94 Mask Photo: Good Manner

$19/pack of 5,

3. Canada Strong CA-N95

Boy wearing a CA-N95 mask Photo: Canada Strong

$17/pack of 10, (blue), (black), (white)

4. Can Gard Kids CA-N95

Box of CA-N95 masks Photo: Can Gard Care

$15/pack of 10, (black), (white)

5. Dent-X Kids FN-N95

White N95 respirator mask Photo: Dent-X Canada


$17/pack of 10,; $17/pack of 10,; $17/pack of 10, (white) or (black); $17/pack of 10,; $17/pack of 10,; $18/pack of 10,; $25/pack of 10,

6. PPE Supply Kids KN95 

Kids' KN95 masks in white and black Photo: PPE Supply

$50/pack of 20,

7. Ready First Aid Child's KN95

Box of kids' KN95 Photo: Ready First Aid

$33/box of 10,

8. Eclipse Horizon N95 Equivalent Respirator

Kids' N95 equivalent respirator Photo: Eclipse Innovations

Size small recommended for youth 9-14

$25/pack of 25,; $40/pack of 25,

9. Evolve Together Santorini Mask

Kids' KN95 in navy blue Photo: Evolve Together

$21/pack of 5,

10. MASKC Kids KN95Girl wearing a pink KN95


Photo: MASKC$36 USD/pack of 10,

11. Brave New Looks Kids KN95

Kids' KN95 in blue Photo: Brave New Look

$127/pack of 20,

This article was originally published on Jan 14, 2022

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