The best lunch bags, bento boxes and snack containers

The best new gear to help you pack yummy lunches and snacks that are easy to access and just the right temperature.

By Sadiya Dendar

The best lunch bags, bento boxes and snack containers

Looking for a new lunch bag for your little? Look no further. We've rounded up the cutest lunch bags for kids and all the accoutrements (Bento boxes, reusable snack bags, cutlery and more!) so you can pack the perfect midday meal. (Whether your kid eats it or not is another story.)

When looking for a lunch bag, you'll want to find something that's easy to clean and durable. Remember that kids should be able to open lunch bags and containers on their own. It's a good idea to do a couple of trial runs to practise at home before the school year begins. You'll also want to keep a couple of extra containers as backups in case things go missing—don't forget to label everything.

Don't stress too much about creating those Instagram-inspired meals. The most important aspect of lunch is that it's balanced so aim for a bit of everything: a fruit, veggie, whole grain, meat or alternative, and dairy or alternative. Your kid may not always finish what you send but stay consistent and keep sending a variety of nutritious foods that will keep their mind and body fed.

1. Stephen Joseph Rainbow All Over Print Lunchbox

Navy blue lunch bag with rainbow motif and pink accents Photo: Mastermind Toys

2. Omielife Omiebox Hot and Cold Insulated Bento Lunch

Orange bento box with four compartments including an insulated bowl Photo: Omielife

3. SafeLunch HandsClean Lunch Bag

Teal lunch bag with handle and black zipper Photo: SafeLunch

4. Fluf Zipper Lunch Bag

Cream lunch bag that says "Lunch" three times with green and yellow accents Photo: Fluf


5. Yumbox Original Safari Orange

Orange bento box with safari-themed pictures and six compartments Photo: Yumbox


6. Hip Reusable Cutlery Set

Blue fork, knife and spoon with a carrying container Photo: Old Navy

7. Bentgo Kids Chill RedRoyal

Red Bento box with four compartments and removable ice pack Photo: Bentgo

8. Wonder Co. Cheetah Food Jar

Pink, purple and blue cheetah-print food jar with a pink lid and base Photo: Wonder Co.

9. Little Lunch Box Co. Bento Five

Grey five-compartment Bento box with orange accent and construction motif Photo: Little Lunch Box Co.

10. Liewood Fiby Snack Box Set

Round stainless steel container with taupe and blue lids with dinosaurs Photo: Liewood

11. Sistema To Go Bento Lunch Box Food Storage Container

Four-compartment Bento box including a small containers for dips and cutlery Photo: Sistema

12. So Young Green Stegosaurus Lunch Box

Burlap lunch bag with green stegosaurus and green zipper and carrying strap Photo: So Young

13. Pep Rally Ombre Pastel Love Lunch Bag 

Pastel pink, teal and purple ombre lunch bag with water bottle holder Photo: Staples

14. Sugarbooger Happy Cactus Silverware Set

Spoon and fork with cacti design on handle Photo: Sugarbooger

15.The Sling Sisters' Large Reusable Snack Bags

Blue reusable sandwich bag with rainbows and pink zipper Photo: The Sling Sisters

16. Hydro Flask Insulated Lunch Box

pink lunchbox with blue accents Photo: Hydro Flask


17. Wonder Co. Race Car Bento Box

black bento box with colourful race cars Photo: Wonder Co.

18. Thermos Funtainer Vacuum Insulated 10 Oz Food Jar

purple food jar with unicorns with colourful manes Photo: Thermos

19. Heys Jurassic World Lunch Bag

Blue lunch bag with Jurassic World dinosaurs and blue handel Photo: Heys

20. Torune Panda Ice Pack

Panda icepack Photo: Torune

21. Fluf Zip Snack Bag

moss green reusable Photo: Fluf


22. Mastermind Toys Stephen Joseph Dino Bento Box

two-compartment bento box with dinosaurs Photo: Mastermind Toys

23. Montii Co. Insulated Lunch Bag

teal lunch bag with toucan design Photo: Montii Co.