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7 best birthday party entertainers in Montreal

Get ready to throw the most awesome bash for your kids! Invite a yogi, a clown or even a princess to help entertain all the little guests.

Photo: Dinoversaire Photo: Dinoversaire

1. Dinoversaire With eight fun themes to choose from, your science-loving child is going to have a blast at a Dinoversaire birthday party. Almost all of the themes are meant to be paired with another, so you can mix and match. Kids might get to hang out and learn all about animals and also try their hand at creating a chemical reaction. Each activity lasts 45 minutes so there’s an hour-and-a-half of total party time. The exception is the hour-long science show theme, which can’t be combined and includes animals and reptiles, and a Van de Graff generator, a.k.a. that machine that makes hair stand on end when you touch it. Dinoversaire parties are available in English and French.

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2. La Mary Poppins Animation Make your kid’s birthday wishes come true by hiring a performer from La Mary Poppins Animation. Whether it's a princess, a superhero or a pirate you’re looking for, they have a character that will make your son or daughter happy. There are plenty of packages to choose from, with awesome activities including games, face painting, singing, or, in some cases, a tea party—pinkies up! They also have themed parties like a firefighter-themed bash where kids get to dress up in costume, decorate a fire truck, test their firefighting skills and more!

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Photo: Montreal Clown Photo: MTL Maz

3. Montreal Clown Clowns LuLu and Cora will bring a touch of whimsy and fun to your child’s birthday party. Montreal Clown offers build-your-own party packages with fun options like an interactive and silly magic show, balloon animals, face painting and Balloon-o-logy, where kids learn how to build their own balloon sculptures.


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Photo: Coco Canelle Photo: Coco Canelle

4. Coco Canelle Little chefs will have a great time at a Coco Canelle cooking or baking party that takes place right in your kitchen! Their most popular theme is the Cupcake Challenge, where kids learn how to make the treats, decorate three of them, then a judging panel picks the winner. And of course there’s a prize for the star baker—besides the delicious cupcakes, that is. The second-most popular party is the ravioli-making bash where everyone learns how to make the yummy pasta from scratch. They’re happy to work with you to create a custom theme, too. The cost for parties with eight participants starts at $275 and goes up to $350, depending on the theme you choose. Coco Canelle provides a host, brings all of the necessary equipment, and all of the kids get an apron to keep! Parties are available in English or French, but this must be arranged ahead of time.

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Photo: Kids Butterfly Yoga via Facebook Photo: Kids Butterfly Yoga via Facebook


5. Kids Butterfly Yoga Add a little om to your kid’s next birthday with a mobile yoga party from Kids Butterfly Yoga. Whether you’ve got a toddler or a teen, they can create a relaxing set of activities for your kid and her guests. Two-year-olds might like learning a series of playful poses all connected to a theme like Space or Jungle. Older kids might be more interested in trying something a bit more serious, though fun is always part of the equation! Parties always end with a relaxation exercise, so everyone’s chilled out just in time for cake. Costs vary depending on the number of children attending and whether equipment like yoga mats is needed.

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Photo: Montreal Princess Party Orlando Lopez

6. Montreal Princess Party Whether your child has a favourite royal, or wants a squad of princesses to attend her party, Montreal Princess Party has the package for you. Aside from princesses who perform for the kids and perhaps get them to sing along, too (depending on the option chosen), you can also book superhero characters as well. Expect the heroes to teach your kids some super-awesome moves and more! Parents take note: one package even offers both a princess and a superhero—double the fun! And if your child is a bit older (aged seven to 12), they also have the option to book a mobile dance class, vocal lesson or makeup class! All parties are available in English or French.

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Photo: Art of April-Anna Photo: Art of April-Anna

7. The Art of April-Anna Bring some creative flair to your child’s next birthday by booking face-painting artist April-Anna. With 20 years of experience creating face art for kids, she can tackle just about any design a little one could dream up. April-Anna can paint 10 children’s faces in an hour, and she has a two-hour minimum. The cost to book her services is $100 for one hour, $180 for two hours and package deals for four plus hours.

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This article was originally published on Oct 10, 2015

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