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29 awesome kids' items at Ikea for $10 or less

Meatballs, stepping stools, art supplies and more. What doesn't this place have? We've rounded up the best kids' stuff to buy at Ikea—and it's all $10 or less. Start the car!

29 awesome kids' items at Ikea for $10 or less

Photo: Courtesy of IKEA

Best kids’ items at Ikea for under $10

Sippy cup

At just $3 a pop, you don’t have to feel guilty if you forget this cup at the park. In fact, you should just buy multiple sippy cups now in preparation. This durable cup has large handles, which make it easy for tots to drink by themselves. Börja training cup, $3,

green and white sippy cup with handlesPhoto: Ikea

Tub toy

This little boat—with two detachable cups, including one with a showerhead-trickle bottom—is a lot of fun to play with and will help your baby improve her fine motor skills. Småkryp three-piece bath toy, $5,

plastic boat tub toyPhoto: Ikea



A sweet foldable dollhouse is perfect for portable play. It features four rooms decked out in—what else?—classic Ikea furniture. Dolls and accessories available separately. Spexa, $5,

fold-out dollhouse bookPhoto: Ikea

Plastic dishware

There’s no need to buy fancy cups and plates for your baby! Instead, invest in these fun ones from Ikea that won’t break, no matter how many times they’re thrown from a highchair. Even if you don’t have kids, colourful plastic dishware is a good thing to have in your arsenal for picnics and beach days. There are bowls, plates and cups available in packages of six (plastic cutlery comes 18 per pack). Kalas plastic dishware, $2 per set,

colourful stack of plastic cupsPhoto: Ikea

Play food

Need anything from Whole Foods, Mom? This sweet felt basket comes with everything you need for a gourmet meal, including eggplant, bowtie pasta, fresh fish and Swiss cheese. Once you’re done shopping, bring it back to that classic Duktig kitchen. Låtsas 11-piece shopping basket set, $10,

felt basket with felt play food insidePhoto: Ikea


Wall hooks

Sure, you could buy those white plastic hooks...or you could spruce up your space with this colourful trio. Hang them low enough for your little one to reach so he can hang up his own coat for once! OK, cute hooks won’t guarantee that your kid will actually hang up his coat (sorry!). Krokig wall hooks, $4 for a pack of three,

three colourful plastic hooks for the wallPhoto: Ikea

Table lamp

This lamp is only $4! Ikea set out to make the cheapest lamp in the world, and they somehow did it. This light is simple in design, so it will match any room. We recommend a lower-watt bulb so that it sets the perfect atmosphere for storytime before bed. Did we mention that it’s only $4? Tvärs, $4,

simple white table lamp with legsPhoto: Ikea


Admit it: Sometimes you go to Ikea just for a cheap dinner out. Don’t worry: We do it, too. Those classic meatballs are available in the freezer section, near the checkout, and are made from only natural ingredients. Don’t forget to grab a package of Gräddsås gravy ($2)! Köttbullar frozen meatballs, $10,

bag of frozen Ikea meatballsPhoto: Ikea


Baby mobile

Don’t worry: Ikea thought of everything for your nursery—and it’s crazy affordable. This pretty plush mobile will give your little one sweet dreams when he looks up at his little friends hanging out in the clouds and stars. Himmelsk mobile, $10,

plush baby mobilePhoto: Ikea

Plastic beads

These aren’t just any old plastic beads; they’re little gems that you can place on forms (sold separately) and melt to create cool works of art. Or, you know, you could string them on necklaces or glue them to stuff. Pyssla beads, $9,

tub of colourful plastic beadsPhoto: Ikea

Decor pillow

Great for adding a little personality to your little one’s room, this also makes a great back pillow and is surprisingly comfy for sitting on the floor and watching TV. Fjädermoln cushion, $10,

blue cloud-shaped pillow with facePhoto: Ikea


Throw rugs

Lay these rugs down to add warmth and texture to any room. They’re handwoven from recycled bed linens and are great for those cold basement floors. They would look terrific decorated with a massive collection of Lego and Shopkins. Tånum rugs, $8 each,

two colourful rag rugsPhoto: Ikea

Sleep sack

It’s sweet dreams in this cozy little sleep sack. Drömland, $10,

blue sleep sackPhoto: Ikea

Art smock

Maybe Katy Perry was onto something when she asked us if we ever feel like a plastic bag because, with this full smock, all signs point to yes. This easy pullover is a great way to isolate messes during crafts and mealtime. Kladdig bib, $7,

polkadot shirt bibPhoto: Ikea


Step stool

This classic stool is great for helping kids reach the sink to brush their teeth and wash their hands. They’re so cheap, you’ll want one in every room with a sink. Försiktigi children’s stool, $7,

white plastic stool with green grip dots on topPhoto: Ikea

Storage hamper

Add a pop of colour to any room while hiding toys and dirty laundry with this sturdy storage bin. Släkting storage bag, $10,

orange cloth bucket for storing toys or using as a hamperPhoto: Ikea


You can never have too many stuffies, said every kid ever. Ikea has you covered with a large assortment in different price ranges. Starting at $2,

stuffed toy cat wearing glasses and a backpackPhoto: Ikea


Construction vehicles

We were pleasantly surprised to find these charming wooden trucks for only $10. The tractor comes apart, so little diggers can configure new ways to play with it. Lillabo, $10 for three,

wooden truck toysPhoto: Ikea


Because you can never have enough washcloths. These simple ones are made from 100 percent cotton. Krama, $6 for a pack of 10,

set of white washclothsPhoto: Ikea

Washi tape

Ikea is a great place to pick up craft supplies, such as washi tape. It comes in fun patterns and colours and is very forgiving, peeling with ease off paper, walls, skin—you know, all the usual places that kids stick adhesives. Sprudla, $5 for a set of three,

three packs of colourful washi tapePhoto: Ikea


Lunch containers

Ikea has your back when it comes to easy school lunches. This three-pack is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Pruta, $2 for three,

clear sandwich containers with yellow lidPhoto: Ikea

Fruit snacks

Made from fruit purées, these itty-bitty fruit snacks are organic and contain no colourants. Snack on, baby! Munsbit fruit snacks, $2 for a 50 g pack,

package of organic fruit snacksPhoto: Ikea

Ceiling lamp

Add some soft lighting courtesy of this simple ceiling fixture. It’s a cheap way to spruce up a room. Lysboj ceiling lamp, $8,

hanging ceiling lamp, white and floral-shapedPhoto: Ikea


Pencil crayons

Art is a serious pastime, so offer your little Picasso this 10-pack of stubby pencils—perfect for small hands to grasp. Måla, $6 for 10,

coloured pencil with pencil sharpenerPhoto: Ikea

Learning toy

How cute is this shape sorter? Colourful plastic shapes fit into the holes of this sweet wooden house’s roof. Mula, $10,

stacking blocks and a wooden house for shape sortingPhoto: Ikea

Bath towel

It’s fun to have your own special towel. This one is no exception, with a whimsical pattern printed onto sustainably grown cotton. Lönnern, $9,

colourful bath towelPhoto: Ikea


Small hangers

There’s a cute collection of colourful hangers at Ikea. Heck, there are packs of nice wooden hangers for adult closests, too. They really do have it all. Bagis, $3 for a pack of eight,

colourful hangersPhoto: Ikea

Art paper

This roll goes with a tabletop dispenser (which, sadly, is out of our $10-or-less budget for this roundup), but it can be used without one, too. Lay out a big sheet on the floor and have little ones colour or collage. You can even use decorated sheets to wrap gifts or just put the masterpieces up on the wall. Måla drawing roll, $6,

roll of drawing paperPhoto: Ikea


Where’s the best place to buy squishy-soft candy? Glad you asked. It’s the Ikea bulk-candy section, which features the finest candies Sweden has to offer. Ain’t life sweet? Lördagsgodis, $3 per pound,

pile of gummy candiesPhoto: Ikea

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This article was originally published on Jul 25, 2017

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