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5 quick kids' hair fixes

From tangles and cowlicks to gum in the hair, here are some easy fixes for common kid's hair woes.

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1. Stubborn snarls The best detangler is coconut oil. When she gets out of the bath, apply just enough coconut oil to work through wet hair, and comb out with a wide-tooth comb. Braid it before she goes to bed. Wake up to no tangles - and not tears!

2. Crazy bed-head Wet hair with water and quickly blow-dry using a round brush.

3. Gum in the hair Don't reach for scissors (or peanut butter). Instead, smooth in coconut oil to loosen the gum.

4. Cowlicks Cowlicks add natural textures, so don't fight them - embrace them. Part hair in the direction of the cowlick and let hair grow out to weigh down the strands. Avoid bangs, which emphasize front cowlicks.

5. Kid cuts her own hair Turn it into an asymmetrical bob, or let her rock the uneven bangs (which you can always tuck away using a bobby pin). Let her have fun with accessories - headbands are a great way to push back uneven bangs.

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This article was originally published on Sep 14, 2015

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