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Sarah Nicole Landry

The influencer known as The Birds Papaya and body-positivity thought leader made sure no stretch mark or vaginal condition was too taboo.

Name: Sarah Nicole Landry
Best known for: Influencer known as The Birds Papaya and body-positivity thought leader
Social media: @thebirdspapaya on Instagram and @thebirdspapaya on Twitter

Landry first made headlines when she bared it all (stretch marks included!) for Knixwear, and she has since become the beacon of body positivity we all need in our social feeds. In the years since, her audience has grown to 1.7 million followers, and she’s continued to share her signature TMI content that normalizes taboo topics, covering everything from divorce, remarriage, her IBS, orgasms, vaginal shingles (yes, really!) and maternal mental health. In the summer of 2020, she announced she’s expecting a fourth baby, and it’s no surprise she’s been honest about the challenges that come with pregnancy, too.


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