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Katie Ishizuka and Ramón Stephens

The duo behind The Conscious Kid have been teaching us how to raise anti-racist children.

Name: Katie Ishizuka and Ramón Stephens
Best known for: The duo behind The Conscious Kid, fighting racism in young children
Social media: @theconsciouskid on Instagram and @consciouskidlib on Twitter

These two might not be household names, but their company, The Conscious Kid, may ring a bell considering its massive Instagram following made up of parents looking for advice on how to practise anti-racism in their homes. The initiative had humble beginnings: Ishizuka and Stephens, parents to two children of colour, began a lending library after discovering the lack of Black representation in children’s books at their local branch. But at a time when anti-racism work is top of mind for many, The Conscious Kid has risen to meet the needs of parents in more ways than one. Case in point: It mobilized its nearly two million followers to provide relief to families experiencing housing and food insecurity during the pandemic, supporting more than two thousand families and counting.


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