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Dr. Jen Gunter

Women’s health advocate and all-around badass internet lady who helped us reclaim our bodies by calling out quackery.

Name: Dr. Jen Gunter
Best known for: Women’s health advocate and all-around badass internet lady
Social media: @drjengunter on Instagram and @drjengunter on Twitter

Never one to shy away from an internet squabble, Jen Gunter first made headlines with her now-infamous takedown of Goop’s most notoriously misled trend: the jade egg. (Remember when the “modern wellness brand” recommended we all insert those rocks into our vaginas? Eek.) Since then, Gunter, an OB/GYN and mother of two, has become our North Star when it comes to women’s reproductive health as she continues to debunk common misconceptions and arm women with the facts. While her book The Vagina Bible graces the bedside tables of women everywhere working to reclaim their bodies, she continues to grow her following on social media by relentlessly calling out quackery.


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