Best little kid toys of 2022

Moose Toys Magic Mixies Crystal Ball


Seers, gather! There’s something enchanted within the dome of this crystal ball. To set it free, six spells need to be successfully completed, so practise your pronunciation and wand movements to get the magic flowing. Lastly, say, “Magicus Mixus!” and voilà, a Mixie friend will appear from the mist. Once revealed, your Mixie loves to tell fortunes and can help you with your spellwork.

Red Planet Group Treasure X Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Ender Dragon


Welcome to the epic quest to battle the Ender Dragon, find Diamond Steve and look for treasure that’s coated in real gold inside the dragon’s egg. Part of the adventure is bonding together the pieces of these two figurines with water; let dry for five minutes and display them as a keepsake of your noble pursuit

Moose Toys Legends of Akedo Powerstorm Triple Strike Tag Team Arena


Warriors: places, please. The goal in this arena is victory! Opponents each get three fighters and can use the Triple Tag Controllers to KO their rivals as they strike, punch and tap out challengers (with authentic battle sounds!). When one warrior grows weary, swap in another to take his place mid-battle. The first to beat all three adversaries wins the Ultimate Split Strike.

Thames & Kosmos Jurassic World Dinosaur Dig


Earth’s early inhabitants, at-home archaeologists can chisel and chip away to unearth an amber-encased mosquito, fossilized T-rex bones and Jurassic World’s own velociraptor, Blue. Once the excavation is complete, assemble the bones to create a museum-ready model. You can also dig up some facts while you’re at it.

Lego City Lunar Space Station


Take a walk through space, high above the moon. Aspiring astronauts will orbit around this 500-piece set that’s inspired by NASA’s Artemis Lunar Gateway. Everything needed to build a docking capsule and space station is included, along with five out-of-this-world minifigures.

Foxmind Go Pop! Presto


Introducing a speedy, visually appealing, fine-motor-skill-building, logical-thinking game that’s popping in the fun department. In this squishy, fast-paced game, four to six players race to complete challenge cards, pop their bubble trays and tap Bubblo, the anti-stress squishy, on the head.

Hasbro Star Wars Lightsaber Forge Inquisitor Masterworks Set Double-Bladed Electronic Lightsaber


Modelled after Reva’s lightsaber from Obi-Wan Kenobi, the double-ended blade has a comfortable-to-grip centre ring and features authentic sounds and light-up effects. The nine-piece, constructable sword is a master of combinations with the ability to be configured thousands of ways when integrated with other pieces in the Lightsaber Forge line (sold separately).

Spin Master Sink n’ Sand Game


In this board game-sensory toy hybrid, players will encounter a pit of quicksand and rely on the roll of a die, the pull of a stick or a Redemption Ruby to save them from impending peril. Using Kinetic Sand—which never dries out—this game is a thrilling match of real crumbling earth and pure chance. Sound your victory cry if your character is the last one standing.

Crayola Critter Creator Glow Bugs


While bugs are creepy and crawly to some, entomologists love to study all things insects. If a critter enthusiast resides with you, this clay-mould bug maker is sure to be a hit. Craft spiders, centipedes and scorpions or create your own one-of-a-kind specimens. Once the clay is dry, zhuzh ’em up with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Asmodee Pokémon Trainer Guess - Sinnoh Edition


If you’re an aspiring Pokémon master, then you’re definitely going to have fun with this guessing game. Simply picture a Pokémon from the Sinnoh region in your head and answer the questions this talking Pokéball asks. Based on your replies, it will read your mind and call out the one you were thinking of. 

Tried & Tested: “Cal loved this one! He played with it for hours, referencing the booklet and guessing Pokémon.” – Nic, dad of two

Hasbro Marvel Studios’ Black Panther Legacy Collection Wakanda Battle FX Claws


Slide a hand—er, paw—inside these Black Panther claws and instantly transform into the Marvel superhero who hailed from fictional Wakanda. These mitts make realistic sound effects, but what makes them the coolest is that you can pinch a bar at your palm to extend and retract the razor-sharp claws. Rawr!

Imports Dragon SpyX Ranger Deluxe Set


Your Junior James Bond can get to work with this set of four sleuthing toys. The Night Mission Goggles, with their dual light beams and daytime scope, are vital for watch duty. The Micro Voice Disguiser will garble voice recordings to protect your identity. Take secret notes with the Invisible Ink Pen and stay stealthy by setting up the motion-detecting Micro Motion Alarm. Siblings and parents, you’ve been warned.

Mattel Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex Chomp ‘n Roar Mask


Dress-up is a thrill with a ferocious T-rex mask. But this isn’t just any mask; the disguise is designed to fit comfortably on small mugs and has a reptilian-like texture, menacing teeth and moving eyebrows. Each time you open the intimidating jaw, it will let out a ferocious roar. The wider the bite, the scarier it sounds. Don’t forget to bend your arms for ultimate T-rex body language. 

Tried & Tested: “My son absolutely loves this toy. It is sturdy and feels like it will be able to survive constant play.” – Katy, mom of three

Crayola Tie-Dye Colour Chemistry Lab Set


Tie-dye is more than just a groovy pattern! This kit teaches that the popular design can be a scientific exploration into colour chemistry. It’s packed with everything you need for 16 Crayola scientist-approved experiments, like a bubbling volcano and gooey slime. The booklet also includes 34 more bright ideas that use household items.

Red Planet Group Laser X Revolution Double Blasters


The laser tag arena is coming home thanks to this awesome blaster set. Choose a team colour from over 20 bright options and prepare to dodge beams that can be shot up to 300 feet away. Use windows and mirrors to direct the strike day or night, inside or outside. Ten hits and you’re out! You can also challenge friends who have their own sets (sold separately) for an epic laser battle.

Creativity for Kids Crystal Mermaid Terrarium


Bring the ocean’s depths home with this STEAM-activity-meets-vibey-room-decor kit. The theme is mermaids and crystals, with a plastic terrarium that you fill with colourful sand and grow-your-own crystal corals. Plunk down a mermaid on a bejewelled shell, then decorate the exterior with glowing deep-sea stickers. The best part? The light-up lid, which makes nighttime under the sea a truly magical place.

Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad


Developing animators, fashion illustrators and graphic designers will fawn over this illuminated tracing pad. Lay down one of the 10 included tracing sheets over the pad’s bright LED backlight, or pick from hundreds of downloadable images, before outlining your design with a drawing pencil. The frame keeps blank pages firmly in place. Once the design is done, get colouring! C’est magnifique! 

Tried & Tested: “This was my daughter’s favourite toy! She loved that she could ‘draw’ elaborate scenes using the templates.” – Joanne, mom of two

Mattel Hot Wheels STEAM Equilibrium Shift Track Set


When you think of Hot Wheels, equilibrium might not immediately come to mind, but this new set aims to teach young racers about gravity, force and problem-solving through high-speed fun. Ready, set, launch the included car over the seesaw track to achieve balance and collect a trophy. Once the racing is done, easily collapse the dual track for simple storage.

Leapfrog Touch & Learn World Map


No passports are required for this eventful journey. Our planet is ripe with fascinating animals, landmarks and natural wonders. To streamline the exploration, jet-setters can learn about countries, oceans, languages and more by pressing any of the 200 touch points, loaded with over 1,000 wow-worthy world facts!

Creativity for Kids Build & Grow Tree House


This craft is reinventing the backyard fort with a wooden kit that begins with painting, building and decorating your very own eight-inch tree house, and then growing its canopy. The foliage takes root once easy-to-sprout chia seeds are planted in a mess-free tray on the precut arms of the tree’s branches. Wooden cut-outs are simple for kids to assemble and decorate with stickers and paint.

Funko Games Disney Kingdomania Super Game Pack


the virtual world of Kingdomania. But it’s not all fun and games, as there are glitches trying to disturb the harmony. In this expandable board-meets-digital game focused around Funko collectibles, players must enter a pretend 8-bit video game and correct the levels before it’s lights out for their fave characters.