Best classic toys of 2022

Oldies but goodies, some toys never go out of style. We’ve made the list and checked it twice; classic toys are always nice.

Mastermind Toys Musical Instrument 13-Piece Set


Hit it, maestro! Little ones inspired by music and melody will clamour for this wooden set. Get the whole family involved as you take turns playing the triangle, rhythm clapper, egg shaker, maracas, glockenspiel, tambourine and handbell. Now that’s a fam jam! Ages 3+.

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano


As pretty as it is in tune, baby’s first piano is constructed of smooth wood and decorated with child-safe paints. A gentle press on one of the painted-on “keys” emits a note that corresponds to those on the six colour-coded sheet music cards. It’s all about expression, so go for familiar songs or let mini Mozart pound some original beats. Ages 1+.

Playmobil Volkswagen T1 Camper Van


Show some respect for the original #vanlife voyager. The Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus has followed many rock bands and served as a vehicle for memories and fun since the 1950s. This toy homage includes all the authentic touches, including checkered-pattern cushions, foldable dining table, a sink and a fridge. Space inside is limited, so keep luggage in the rooftop rack. Where will the open road take you? Ages 5+.

Mastermind Toys Rainbow Flow Ring


An addictive fidget friend, this single piece of lightweight metal loops around in a continuous ring. Compress the loops to form an opening, slip it over your hand and lift your arm so it rolls and flows along it. Mesmerizing? You could say that. Ages 6+.

Smartivity Marble Slide


Behold, a two-in-one endeavour where thrill seekers can DIY their own cardboard roller coaster track. But the fun doesn’t end after construction; strategically use the levers to guide marbles down the track. Watch out! The striker marble is intent on knocking things off course. Ages 8+.

Mastermind Toys Splash Speedster Land & Water R/C Car


Newbie racers, meet your first remote-controlled car! Sturdy and nimble, this amphibious race car can handle land and water, tackling impressive 360-degree flips and turns with an easy-steer controller. Ages 6+.

Cocomelon Doctor Checkup Set


The doctor will see you now! Ready to assist with any booboo, scrape or pain, this musical medical kit includes a thermometer, syringe and stethoscope with sound effects and phrases from the beloved series. What’s the bedside manner like? That’s up to you. Ages 2+.

Asmodee Catan


Never played Catan? It’s an award-winning and much-loved game of setting up shop on a new island. Resources—such as grain, wool and lumber— are determined with each dice roll. The player who builds the most robust civilization takes home the prize. Ages 10+.

Mattel Mega Construx Pokémon Build & Show Pikachu Evolution Trio


There’s Pokémon lineage to construct with this 622-brick builder set. Pichu, the famous yellow mouse’s pre-evolution, Pikachu and older bro Raichu are all here with different poses and powers. Once finished, the four-inch pocket monsters are ready to throw down in battle. Ages 7+.

Mastermind Toys Dino Inflatable Snow Tube


What’s bright green, ready to slide and super fast? This snow-chasing dino. Inflate and hold on tight to the handles. Dino is wearing goggles for a reason. Once he slips down a snowy slope, he simply won’t quit until your kid is ready to head indoors. P.S. Don’t forget to wear your helmet! Ages 6+.

Mastermind Toys Mini Plasma Ball


The popular static-clinging sphere commonly found at science centres is here in mini form and sure to thrill. Peer at the ball and press the glass surface with your finger. A glowing bolt of colour will follow wherever you touch. Ages 10+.

Elenco Snap Circuits Discover Coding Kit


This is what you get when you add a bit of tech to a classic brand that’s been teaching keen young engineers the basics of electricity for almost 20 years. A tablet or smartphone assists in coding circuits with challenges that teach young apprentices about dimmers, security systems, motion detectors and more. Ages 8+.

Baby Einstein Rattle & Jingle Trio Take-Along toy Rattle Set


A parrot, a tiger and a zebra walk into a restaurant… Tables and high-chair trays can happily accommodate this stay-in-place, super-stick-suction-cupped trifecta. With cute jungle faces, the three shakers have transparent backs so your wee culinary critic can see what’s rattling around. Ages 3m+.

Theo Klein Toys MACK Collection Case Truck


Load ’em up and let’s hit the road. When race cars need to be transported between tracks, a Mack truck can help. There’s capacity for two toy trucks and 18 toy cars inside the spacious, fold-out truck bed. Unload the vehicles using the exit ramp once you reach your destination. Set includes trophies, pylons, two cars and a sign to ensure everyone’s in the right spot. Ages 3+.

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Push Toy


Heavenly first steps are happening via this easy-grip, rainbow-themed push toy. From wobbly waddles to more confident strides, each forward motion is met with colourful balls that pop in applause within the rainbow arch. Ages 1+.

Mastermind Toys Safety Tip Dart Board


A game of darts might seem like an aimless (get it?) endeavour, but this soft, no-sharp-points set is a family-friendly way to improve hand-eye coordination while coaxing out an answer to questions, like “So, how was your day?” Bonus: Soft-tipped darts mean no damaged walls. That scores big points! Ages 6+.

Mastermind Toys Wiggle Car


You can go your own way on this twisty, wiggly, ride-on vehicle that manoeuvres easily indoors and outdoors. The zippy car’s every-which-way motion teaches gravity, centrifugal force and friction. Grippy footpads keep kids safely in place. Ages 3+.

Mastermind Toys 3-in-1 Stacking Picture Blocks Game


Regular blocks don’t usually grow with your child. But these playful evolving blocks extend a learning opp at three different stages of development. Start by stacking, move on to dominoes and then, as growing brains get sharper, use the pictures as a pattern-building game of memory. Ages 3+.

Barbie Eco- Leadership Team Dolls


It’s never too early to start tackling environmental issues. Certified CarbonNeutral and made from recycled plastic and fabric, these four career dolls each represent an important role in the fight against climate change. The Renewable Energy Engineer, Environmental Advocate, Chief Sustainability Officer and Conservation Scientist can prompt meaningful play and ideation for the next generation of planet champions. Ages 4+.

Magna-Tiles Clear Colours Building Set 100 Piece


An oldie but a goodie, these translucent, magnetic tiles have been encouraging construction ideas with a subtle side of geometry and patterning since the ’90s. A great starter set, this box is bursting with right triangles, equilateral triangles, isosceles triangles, and large and small squares. Ages 3+.