10 New books for kids of all ages

Reading is the gift that keeps on giving. From charming bedtime stories to thrilling page-turners, these new releases include tales that are heartwarming, silly, insightful and brimming with facts.

Little Blue Truck Makes a Friend


By: Alice Schertle and Jill McElmurry

Little Blue Truck is back and ready to meet a friend! The farm is brimming with excitement and curiosity because someone new has arrived. Can he fly? Will he neigh? Does he like to swim? Being the new guy is tough, so Little Blue will do his part to make him feel welcome. Best for ages 4 – 7.


A Dinosaur A Day


By: Miranda Smith, Jenny Wren, Xuan Le, Max Rambaldi, Juan Calle and Olga Baumert

Dino faves, like the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex and long-necked brachiosaurus, and lesser-known species fill the illustrated pages to showcase 365 monstrous reptiles. Packed with interesting facts, this is an exciting book for everyone. Best for ages 6-10.


The Thank You Book


By: Danna Smith and Juliana Perdomo

Showing gratitude can be done in more ways than one. It can look like sharing a hug, crafting a card or helping out. This sweet board book teaches that expressing thanks is fun and easy by demonstrating all the ways to show you care. Best for ages 0+.


The Most Magnificent Idea


By: Ashley Spires

In this eagerly anticipated sequel, the girl has dubbed herself an idea machine with brilliant plans pumping out non-stop. But one day all of her ideas leave her head. Without any bright thoughts, her brain fills with sadness. Who is she if she doesn’t have her big ideas? Best for ages 3 – 7.


How To Party Like a Snail


By: Naseem Hrab and Kelly Collier

Did you know that snails love to celebrate? Only they prefer to keep their festivities more low-key. So when a party gets to be too much for Snail, he retreats into his shell. This confuses the other animals and soon Snail stops receiving invites. Will he ever see his friends again? Best for ages 4 – 7.


A Rover’s Story


By: Jasmine Warga

Resilience, or Res for short, was assembled by NASA scientists to explore Mars, but he develops human emotions. Post-launch, Res and Fly, a drone helicopter, navigate the difficult, dusty terrain of the far-away planet. Res’s ability to feel aids him in his exploration as millions cheer him on. Best for ages 8 – 12.


Where’s the Digger?


By: Ingela P. Arrehenius

A very exciting activity for those mesmerized by construction sites, this book features five brightly illustrated pages with felt flaps. Young ones can take a peek, revealing different hard-working vehicles, like a digger, dump truck and a bulldozer. Can you find them all? Best for ages 0 -2.


Still This Love Goes On


By: Buffy Sainte-Marie and Julie Flett

The beautiful and poignant lyrics of Cree singer Buffy Sainte-Marie are featured in this iconic picture book. The powerful words—a love letter to the Indigenous community and their traditions and experiences—are accompanied by lovely nature-themed illustrations.  Best for ages 3 – 7.




By: Sophie Blackall

Drawing inspiration from a real family and their enchanting abode, this story takes place over a hill and at the end of a road, where their life unfolds within the walls of an old house. A step back in time, the stunning illustrations highlight the family’s rich history and describe a slower way of life with incredible attention to detail. Best for ages 4 – 8.


5000 Awesome Facts (About Animals!)


By: National Geographic Kids

Did you know that a wombat’s poop looks like a cube? Or that a certain breed of dog yodels? And if you were curious, yes, a grizzly bear’s jaws can crush a bowling ball. This fact-loaded book is complete with brow-raising photography. Best for ages 8 – 12.