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What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever taken a pregnancy test?

Sometimes you just can’t wait till you get home to find out the news. We asked readers for the strangest places they’ve taken a pregnancy test.

By Today's Parent

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever taken a pregnancy test?

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“In the bathroom at work. I told a friend/co-worker that I thought I was pregnant so we went to Shopper’s on our lunch break and bought a test. I felt very sneaky and a little gross peeing on the stick in the bathroom!” —Julia S.

“I took a pregnancy test in a public park. My plan was to use the washrooms they have there for public use. I just could not wait to get home from the drugstore. Funny thing is that those washrooms were locked, so I squatted behind a bush to do it! Then proceeded to the park bench five feet away to wait on the news. Turns out, I was pregnant! —Amy L.

“In a McDonald’s bathroom, just before I had to see my dentist. I was worried about having to take an X-ray. It was positive!” —Robin M.

“A bathroom stall in a campground. We had been trying for two and a half years, with one loss. I had got a call from our fertility clinic that I was pregnant! We went camping that weekend and I kept testing to make sure the lines were getting darker and not fading as I was afraid of another loss. My son will be three in eight days.” —Allison C.

“With our second daughter, I took the test in a horse’s stall, which was dirty as there was no bathroom at the barn. I had been feeling off and wanted to take it before I rode my horse.” —Lorraine P.

“In a hotel bathroom on our beach vacation. It was positive. I took three more tests while we were there to be sure.” —Jessica W.

“In a Safeway bathroom on our way to a weekend away to enjoy craft breweries and a baseball game in Seattle. I took a test just to be sure we weren’t, peed on it, felt too nervous to look so I brought it back out to my husband in the parking lot to read. It was positive! We have a baby girl eight months later.” —Madison D.

“A Tim Hortons bathroom—very Canadian of me.” —Sonja S.

This article was originally published on May 22, 2018