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What were you doing when you found out you were pregnant?

Not everyone finds out by taking a pregnancy test in their bathroom. Sometimes a subtle symptom or a call from the doctor takes you by surprise.

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What were you doing when you found out you were pregnant?

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“I woke up in the middle of the night and the whole room was spinning, so I took a test and it was positive, after a year of trying. I woke my husband up and we were both up the whole night talking about what was to come. My son is now almost 20 months and he's our whole world!” —Christa F.

“The morning I found out, my then-fiancé and I had just gone to a meeting at the fertility clinic to find out what our next options were to conceive. After two and a half years of trying, they took a blood sample and sent us on our way. We both went back to work and, not more than two hours after the appointment, they called me at the office and asked if I was sitting down. I knew then what they were about to tell me, but I couldn't contain the tears of joy. In a few days, it will be five years since we received the greatest news of our life.” —Melanie L.

“The second time, I was at work, and when my period still didn’t arrive by lunch time, I couldn’t wait any longer. On my lunch break, I drove to Walmart and bought a test, then went back to work and took the test. I ended up telling his father via text because I couldn’t hold it in until I got home from work!” —Tanya N. 

“I had a dream about having another baby. It was long, hyper-realistic, and when I woke up I went ‘Aw, a baby. Wait a second.’ I’m now 33 weeks and due in March.” —Mary Jo C.

“It was a Friday morning and I was heading to work. I took a pregnancy test that morning and it was negative. I was feeling crushed. We had just paid thousands for IVF and my embryo transfer had taken place on the previous Sunday. I was bloated from the meds and we had already had two failed IUIs in the previous months. I had seen my embryo through a microscope before they placed it in and I already loved this micro-sized being. I wasn’t getting much work done, I spent most of the day searching 'how long after embryo transfer pregnant' and anything else to comfort me. It was around 3 p.m. and I left the office for a coffee break. I wandered into Starbucks and I was hit by the strong aroma of coffee and was overcome with nausea. And at that moment, I knew. I ran to the pharmacy and took a pregnancy test in the Starbucks washroom. The whole place probably heard my phone calls to my mom and partner. I still have that pregnancy test.” — Sarah T.

“With my first son, we had been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome after not having a cycle for over a year. My doctor advised me to prepare for a long road, and it might never happen without medical intervention. I had an internal ultrasound scheduled so the doctors could get a look at any cysts on my ovaries and the ultrasound tech told me my doctor would let me know. I got a call later that week and the voice on the other side said ‘Congratulations! You’re eight weeks pregnant!’ I sat down in shock and asked if they had the right patient file. I asked her to check again because I didn't believe her. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed.” —Anita G.

“I was shopping with my husband at Walmart and got a bit motion sick in the car on the way there. Then, while in the store, I was overwhelmed with all the odours around. I didn’t think anything of it as I have always had a strong sense of smell, but my husband insisted I was acting weird and he grabbed a test and told me to take it. This was 10 days before my period was due and, sure enough, the next morning my husband and I looked at the test and it was faintly positive. Our son is now four months old.” —Krysta G.

“When we decided we were ready to start trying to conceive, I gave us a year of ‘if it happens it happens.’ Two months in, I was at work and got a huge wave of dizziness mixed with nausea and wanting to faint. It felt like it lasted forever but was probably only a minute, and I knew I was pregnant. I was so excited, I took a pregnancy test and before I could put it on the counter to wait for the result, I could already see it was turning positive.” —Sheryl C. 


“It was on a trip, the day after we got engaged! So we had to call everyone back with another update.” —Alison P.

“After four years of trying, I was feeling off one day. I decided to take the last pregnancy test I had kicking around. I was expecting another negative because it had been a long road of 'not pregnant' readings, and it was also six days before my cycle was due. So, I started to clean the bathroom and didn't even worry about checking the time. When I went to wipe down the counters, I grabbed the test to chuck it into the garbage. Then the '1 to 2 weeks pregnant' reading caught my eye and I completely broke down. My husband came running into the bathroom thinking I must have hurt myself. He didn't even expect the results. My husband and I stood in our bathroom crying, cheering, embracing, all while I was holding cleaning products and a little sweaty. We are now 32-weeks pregnant and ready to welcome our little one into this world. He was worth the wait.” —Sheila R.

This article was originally published on May 22, 2018

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