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This new pregnancy test is a total game changer

This American company has found a discreet and eco-friendly way to change the game in home pregnancy tests for the first time in decades.

This new pregnancy test is a total game changer

Photo: Lia Diagnostics Inc.

Whether you’ve noticed early pregnancy symptoms or your period is overdue, chances are you’re in the market for a home pregnancy test.

The technology behind the little plastic pee stick hasn’t changed much since home tests came out in the '70s, and women have been using and tossing their kits in wastebaskets ever since.

Couples that are trying to conceive can go through boxes and boxes of home pregnancy tests, which is both expensive and environmentally unfriendly.

But US company, Lia Diagnostics Inc., has just announced their plan to change all that with the very first biodegradable pregnancy test.

The Lia pregnancy test works just like a regular plastic one, except it flushes right down the toilet and breaks down in water as easily as three-ply toilet paper.

The company aimed to create a test that was not only greener, but also more discreet. No more hiding plastic pregnancy tests under mountains of toilet paper in the garbage can!

The test will be available to buy in the US in 2018 and can already be pre-ordered on the Lia website.


This article was originally published on Dec 07, 2017

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