Your kid can be a Lego hero with these new 3D heads

Lego just got a whole lot more personal. This company lets you create a lifelike Lego head with your kid's face on it.


Now your little one can feel their face when they’re (playing) with Lego…and they’ll love it! A UK-based company called Funky 3D Faces is now making printed Lego heads with lifelike faces.

Photo: Funky 3D Faces via Twitter

Photo: Funky 3D Faces via Twitter

The heads are created based on photos of your kid’s face and the sides of her head. Like regular Lego heads, these ones can be popped onto any body from the Lego universe, so your kid can become their favourite character. They can fight the bad guys as Lego Batman or even fly a Lego X-wing Starfighter from Star Wars.

The heads are made in the UK. Prices start at $62 (£30) and they can be shipped around the world. Yes, the price is quite steep, but postage and packaging is free. You should take advantage of the January offer of buy two get one free—the more heads the merrier because inevitably your kid will lose her fake head. Then it will be all “I can’t find my face when I’m with you…and I hate it.”

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