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Would you let your daughter wear a skimpy bikini?

"Kids in bikinis" has been a hot topic in Hollywood news lately. Would you let your kid wear a skimpy bikini? Here's what Editor-in-Chief Karine Ewart would do.

By Karine Ewart
Would you let your daughter wear a skimpy bikini?

First, Jessica Simpson got criticized for sharing a photo of baby Maxwell in a little yellow bikini. Now, Elizabeth Hurley's new line of bathing suits for kids is adding fuel to the critics' fire: According to some, the model/actress/designer's bathing suits are inappropriate for children, and the photos of the young, bikini-clad models on her website are too sexy.

I got to chat with Francis De Souza on CityTV News Toronto earlier this week about this very topic. As I pointed out, up to a certain age, it's the parents who choose what's decent or indecent attire for their kids. So, if you think Hurley's bathing suits are too mature for your child, then I imagine you won't be purchasing them.

As parents, we need to teach our kids what's acceptable to wear at home. (In my house, we also teach our kids to respect the choices made by others, even if we don't agree with them.) Starting the dialogue when children are young ensures they won't be coming down the stairs any time soon in an outfit that is too revealing, or that pushes your family's limits of what's acceptable.

Now that my daughter is 10, she knows what I'm OK with (though my husband would probably like to object to the skinny jeans and any bathing suit that doesn't resemble a snowsuit) and what makes me uncomfortable. Thankfully, she has a better fashion sense than I do, so I really have no complaints. In fact, I have a bigger challenge with my six and seven year old boys: They don't agree with my "no track pants" rule for school, but I refuse to budge.

Do you have any dress codes in your family?

Catch Karine's chat with Francis De Souza here>

This article was originally published on Sep 21, 2012

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