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Would you do this for your kids?

Tracy's friend is getting international attention for his big efforts to have fun with his kids.

By Tracy Chappell
Would you do this for your kids?

Ty Conley, 7, in the mud

Every once in a while, you hear about a parent doing something totally awesome. I’m not talking about those stories that make you feel woefully inadequate — the moms who cook from scratch every meal in their chemical-free homes (while working out five times a week and rescuing abandoned pets in their spare time), or those who sell all their possessions and travel around the world with their kids on $5 a day (and do charitable acts at every stop). Kudos to them, but I just end up looking at my Windex bottle and frozen pizza and feeling like a crap parent.
I’m talking about a parent who’s done something cool just for the fun of it, and when you hear about it, a smile spreads across your face and you feel so happy that there are people like this out there. The ones who are a bit crazy, but in the best way.
This is one of those stories. Full disclosure: This crazy dad is a friend of mine, but I couldn’t resist sharing his amazing story with you. Mike “Crazy Legs” Conley was a contestant on Wipeout Canada last year. He DID conquer the red balls, but was somehow robbed of the TV glory for this grand accomplishment at broadcast. Anyway, to impress the Wipeout producers during the audition process, he got his kids to run through a homemade backyard Wipeout course he constructed. The hilarious video went viral on YouTube.
But Mike had to take it bigger. After all the fun he had filming Wipeout Canada in Argentina, he wanted to find a way to share the experience with his kids. Last month, he constructed a 90-foot Wipeout Kids course on his street, and opened it up to the neighbourhood kids to enjoy. It’s amazing! Check out Wipeout Kids. (He was also just interviewed by ABC News!)
Do I feel inadequate after seeing what this dad did to have some fun with his kids? No — I’m happy enjoying driveway hockey with mine! But am I grateful there are people in the world like Mike Conley? You bet. We're all here to inspire each other in our own unique ways, aren't we? Hope you enjoy his video and share it with all the parents you know.
What unique things do you to enjoy time with your kids?

This article was originally published on Sep 13, 2012

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