Why workout gear is so important

For the sake of your fitness pals, please wear spandex at your next workout.

TRX back rows with a toddler and missing shorts. A good workout can happen under any condition!

I’m a fitness gear snob, to the point that I’m probably overdressed for the shortest of workouts. I own more moisture wicking tech shirts than I do everyday clothes, to the point that I’ve started wearing them to the grocery store (breaking my own rule about not wearing workout clothes in public). I match everything with my running skirt and Merrell Pace gloves, even when I’m planning on running alone in the woods for hours. And yes, it all has spandex in it — that little bit of stretch goes a long way when jumping over dead trees or pulling myself up a hill. And some give in the fabric is helpful when I come out of winter hibernation and need my clothes to — ahem — be more generous during spring run training.
That said, I made the mistake of leaving my Lycra at home because I was running late for bootcamp at Move Your Body. Having enjoyed an awesome day at a pal’s house where our kids played like maniacs, I was reluctant to end the fun, but Isaac adored the Zumbatomic class that took place at the same time as my bootcamp. And what kind of role model would I be if I let my plaid Old Navy Bermuda shorts get in the way of jumping jacks and hill sprints? I figured that working out in street clothes with a toddler (Gillian wanted to workout with the bootcamp ladies too) would be great content for a blog post, to show everyone that gear and children shouldn’t get in the way of your favourite fitness activities.
For the first 10 minutes of bootcamp, Gillian and I carried logs uphill, did step-ups, push-ups, planks and were ready to take on the tire flip when all of a sudden the arse of my shorts ripped. Not a tiny tear — a huge gaping hole exposing my underpants. Most of the gals I knew fairly well, but a few I am just getting to be friends with and the last thing I wanted them to see was my gitch. For the remaining 35 minutes I tried to hang on to my dignity but it was pretty much impossible — I’m just thankful that my flushed cheeks could be blamed on the heat, and that, like trainer Tanya Willis pointed out, I wasn’t wearing a thong.

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