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Who does the special needs "case management" at your house?

Amy is looking for advice on how to juggle conflicting schedules, work arrangements and special needs parenting.

By Amy Baskin
Who does the special needs "case management" at your house?

Recently I spoke with a friend who has two kids with special needs. As well as working full-time, she manages her kids’ school meetings, therapy appointments, advocacy phone calls, paperwork and life-skills teaching. Even though her hubby’s involved, these kinds of “case management” tasks fall to her. Plus, she’s the chief household cook and laundress — and she’s getting fried.

In our case, Jack is very involved in Tal’s life. He’s even been known to jump into the pool as Talia's exercise partner at a Y aquafit class. Because of Jack’s work schedule, it’s always been tricky for him to attend meetings and therapy appointments. Even though he’s a hands-on dad, the planning, advocacy, therapies and paperwork of special needs parenting often fall to me — especially since I work from home. The more I talk to "special needs moms," the more I hear about similar arrangements. And moms are getting awfully tired.

Your turn: Who handles most of the “special needs case management” tasks in your house? Any advice for juggling it all and staying organized? 

Photo by Ava Lowery via Flickr

This article was originally published on Apr 04, 2012

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