What moms really dream about

Jennifer used to dream about sexy movie stars but motherhood has definitely changed that.

Photo by lori hutchinson via Flickr.

Each morning over breakfast, our family shares what they dreamed about the night before. We started this routine when our oldest kid, Isaac, would have nightmares and talking about them in the morning helped him realize that dreams aren’t real. It really helped him overcome his fears and it’s a fun way to start the morning. Even our daughter has started sharing her dreams with us, although I’m not sure she understands what a dream is.

Most mornings, I’m sure both kids are making up elaborate stories, with Isaac’s dreams rivaling any major action movie screenplay and Gillian, without fail, dreaming about ponies and her girlfriend, Maeve. Mr. P and I also share our dreams, with my husband telling fishing stories and me usually sour-faced because, well, it’s rare that I get to the REM stage of sleep without a child, the dog or my bladder waking me up.

But this morning I had a dream to share. I dreamed that the family-sized rotisserie chicken meal deal at my local grocery store was only $5.00. And that I snagged the last one.

The fact that I dreamed about take-out chicken and potato salad is further proof that I am in the throes of motherhood. It never used to be like this. I used to dream about Vin Diesel (my celebrity crush) and tropical vacations (taken with Vin Diesel). Sadly, the last time I dreamed about Vin Diesel was more than six years ago when I was enormously pregnant with my first child and he was tying my running shoes. That was the last sexy dream I ever had.

So now my REM sleep is filled with dreams of a new oven to replace our 1950s era cooktop with the broken thermostat, paying off our consumer debt, being able to run a six-minute kilometre and, yes, rotisserie chicken meal deals. The real kicker about this dream: I don’t even eat meat.

What did you dream about last night? Have your dreams changed since having children?

Photo by lori hutchinson via Flickr.

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