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What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

While Talia enjoys parties and dances, Amy's hoping for a romantic, home-cooked dinner

By Amy Baskin
What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

Photo by brightblackz via Flickr

Surprisingly, there were no red rose petals scattered on my bed this morning. I did get coffee in bed. But for Talia, Valentine’s Day lasts several days and nights.

On Saturday night, Talia went to a fabulous Valentine’s DJ Dance for youths and young adults with special needs. Not only did Tal dance her heart out, but she also came home with a heart-shaped box of chocolates from a certain cute boy. Today, Tal is hitting another Valentine’s dance for high school students. (Rumour has it, cupcakes will be served). And tonight, our girl is off to a Valentine’s Trivia bash at her social group for youth with ASD (autism spectrum). "There will be veggies, dip and treats," Talia informs me.

Which leaves me and Jack all on our lonesome for two hours tonight. Sweet Jack has promised to cook something delicious for dinner. (Steak? Bet Jemma will want in on that.) Maybe I’ll get my act together and whip up something with chocolate for dessert. I’m thinking mango, starfruit, kiwi and bananas dipped in chocolate fondue, spiked with a splash of Bailey’s. Romantic, eh?

When Talia was younger, Valentine’s Day was a bigger deal. We bought the little commercial valentines to give out to classmates. One year we even invited kids for a cupcake-decorating party. But now that Talia is out and about, she’s enjoying more community Valentine’s fun.

Hope you and your sweeties have a love-ly day. Are you and your kids doing anything special for Valentine’s Day?Photo by brightblackz via Flickr

This article was originally published on Feb 14, 2012

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