What activities do you do on 'date night'?

While Talia sleeps at a friend's house, Amy and Jack enjoy a night to themselves

Photo by afunkydamsel via Flickr

On Saturday night, Talia was invited to sleep over at her friend’s house. This meant a fun night of movies for Tal and a date night for Jack and I. Woot!

To confess, I was in a crabby mood and I was tempted to set my sluggy self in front of the TV all night. But I knew that getting out of the house would be a perk me up. So, I put on my date jeans (tasteful, tiny rhinestones on the butt pockets), dangly earrings and plether black riding boots. Then, my date and I trekked downtown to our local repertory theatre to see George Clooney in The Descendants.

Since the flick takes place in Hawaii, we were treated to shots of aquamarine surf and a plethora of palm trees. Guess that counts as a winter getaway to somewhere warm, right? My date and I held hands and we came home to a quiet, kid-free, dimly-lit house. We padded off to the kitchen in search of some wine — and then we noticed something was amiss.

Chewed up foil granola-bar wrappers covered the floor like a fluffy, blanket of snow. Or like a twinkling of stars in a velvet sky. Yeah — right. While we were out, Jemma opened a kitchen cupboard, ripped open a chocolate chip granola bar carton and devoured eight of them. Yikes. Chocolate is a dangerous no-no for dogs.

Jemma-girl, our ancient mutt, was fine. But through the night and early morning, she barked to be let outside several times. Jack heroically did dog duty. Now that’s what I call true love. (So much for our big, kid-free sleep in.)

What do you and your partner/spouse/bestie do on dates? Any cheap, cheerful and fun ideas?

Photo by afunkydamsel via Flickr