Video: Xmas Jammies Christmas card

Watch this hilarious video Christmas card, as the Holderness family extolls the virtues of their "Xmas Jammies."

If you haven’t yet seen it already, check out this hilarious Christmas card video from the Holderness family. With over 11 million YouTube views (at the time of this posting), it seems the Internet cannot get enough of father Penn’s musical musings on his family’s awesome “Xmas Jammies.”

In the three-minute clip, Dad updates viewers on the adorable Lola and Penn Jr.’s progress in school, and mom Kim’s new role in Iron Man 3 – saving time for some self-promotion of his ventures into video production at the end. (So have no fear: there will be no shortage of Holderness footage in the future!) Of course, Dad and family are featured on camera in their matching – and festive − holiday pyjamas.

While there’s no denying the family is adorable in their matching Xmas jammies, I can’t help but wonder how the older Lola and Penn will feel seeing their Dad’s rap skills immortalized on the Internet, though… Totally ups the ante on the annual Christmas letter though.

For more family fun with video Christmas cards, check out the Slade family’s awesome videos from 2011, 2012 and the most recent one below.

Want to create your own? Try a simple web application like JibJab or ElfYourself.

Does your family send out Christmas cards?

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