9 Clever Uses for Fabric Drawers

From organizing your little one's nursery to streamlining your bathroom!

9 Clever Uses for Fabric Drawers


If that household clutter is starting to pile up, fabric drawers could be just the storage solution you need. Not only are these organization tools easy to use, but the best part is that you can use them in many different ways.

Need some organizing ideas to get the creative juices flowing? Don't worry, We've got you covered. Check out these nine clever ways to use fabric drawers — from organizing your little one's nursery to streamlining your bathroom!

Why fabric drawers are a must-have

Easy Organization: Fabric drawers are a must-have for so many different reasons. For starters, they help keep items categorized, separated, and contained. "These drawer organizers are good for any item," explains Barbara Brock, a NYC-based professional organizer. "They keep items categorized, separated, and contained."

Mobility: Unlike their bulkier wooden counterparts, fabric drawers offer a more lightweight and versatile solution. They are crafted with breathable materials and sturdy wooden or steel frames, which makes them easy to move from one room to another.

As a bonus, some larger units may come equipped with wheels on the bottom, which makes them even easier to move around.

Kid-Safe: Fabric drawers have the advantage of being lighter in weight compared to traditional wooden drawers. This makes them a safer option for use by children. However, it's still important to assemble fabric drawers properly to ensure they remain stable and secure.

Affordable: You don't need heaps of money to get your hands on some nice fabric drawers — a lot of options are affordable and give you a ton of storage space.

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9 clever uses for fabric drawers to try now

Shelving Solutions 


No bookshelf? No problem! Interior designer Aisha Lewis says fabric drawers can be a great way to shelve and organize books and help encourage your kids to read in a filing cabinet-style system.

"Use fabric organizers with various compartments to store books and create a mini library for your child," she tells Today's Parent. "This can help encourage reading and keep books organized."

Hassle-Free Toy Sorting 

Let's be real: toys are probably one of the biggest sources of clutter in most houses, and the mere thought of having to organize them all can be a real headache-inducer.

For hassle-free toy sorting, Lewis suggests sorting and storing toys like Legos, puzzles, or small figurines in fabric drawers with different sections. "This can make cleanup easier and also help your child find specific toys easily," she says.

You can also use colored organizers to keep toy clutter under control, says Brock.  She explains: "Children like color and are more prone to keep things separated if they can see different colors."

Organizing Art Materials


Drowning in a sea of craft supplies? Lewis suggests organizing them with some help from fabric drawers. "Use fabric organizers to store and segregate art supplies such as crayons, markers, paints and brushes," she tells Today's Parent. "This keeps everything neatly arranged and accessible."

9 Clever Uses for Fabric Drawers Canva/Getty

Accessory Holders

Fabric drawers aren't just for taming your closet—they can also come in handy for organizing and storing all sorts of accessories and little odds and ends around the home. Hanging fabric bins also work nicely for this.

"Use fabric drawers to store accessories like hair clips, headbands, jewelry, or small soft toys," suggests Lewis. "This can prevent these items from getting lost (or messy) and make getting ready in the morning easier."

Newborn Necessities Hub

According to Popolo, these fabric drawers can also be a total lifesaver in the nursery. She suggests using fabric drawers to create a dedicated station for all your baby essentials in the nursery — think diapers, wipes, lotions, and tiny little outfits.


That way, you can have everything you need right at your fingertips during those frantic diaper changes or lightning-fast outfit swaps!

Back To School Preparation

As the summer starts to wind down and the back-to-school season is just around the corner, you might find yourself thinking about how to get your kids all set and ready for the upcoming school year. For Carol Di Popolo, founder and lead organizer of Bringing Tidy Home, fabric drawers can be a game-changer for keeping kids' school essentials organized.

"Assign each child a fabric drawer organizer to store school supplies such as pencils, markers, notebooks, and scissors in a crafting area," she says. "This not only keeps supplies easily accessible but also teaches kids responsibility for their belongings."

Parents, consider storing your fabric for art projects and crafts this way as well. It's a fun sewing room hack if you're a crafty type.

Seasonal Clothing Storage

It can be such a hassle trying to keep your closet organized, especially when you've got drawers bursting at the seams. But Di Popolo's got a great tip to help avoid that whole 'drawer overload' situation. She suggests using fabric drawers to store your seasonal clothes that you're not currently wearing.


When the weather shifts, swap out the hats, gloves, and scarves without digging through the clutter. It's one of the most genius fabric storage ideas of all.

9 Clever Uses for Fabric Drawers Canva/Getty

Vitamins/Medication Management

Vitamins and medications in the kitchen and bathroom can easily turn into a cluttered mess. When you've got a house full of people, sorting everything out becomes a challenge. Brock suggests buying fabric drawers in different colors.

Plus, the colorful drawers help everyone find their drawer. "We all respond to cleanliness and these organizers are a better solution for keeping vitamins and medicines together than in the kitchen cabinet," she tells Today's Parent.

Streamlining Your Bathroom Space

If you're wrestling to keep your bathroom cabinet door closed, Brock recommends fabric drawers for calming the clutter.

"These organizers can be integrated into your vanity drawer to keep hair tools, makeup, and nail supplies separate," she says. "You can also use them on the counter or in the closet to help keep men's and women's supplies organized and separate."



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