25 cool Minecraft gifts

Looking for awesome gifts for your Minecraft-obsessed master builder? We've got you!

25 cool Minecraft gifts

Cool Minecraft gifts

Minecraft Mini figures 3-packs

Get your mini Minecraft on with these tiny figures that come in packs of three! $12 each,

9 minifigures arranged in an squarePhoto: Jazwares

LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box 2.0

This upgraded crafting box is the perfect gift for any Steve-wannabe who wants to use their imagination to build from scratch. Your little Minecrafter can follow the provided instructions or build from their own imagination using the 5 sets of bricks with over 700 pieces. $75,

pile of building blocks from Lego's minecraft crafting box 2.0Photo: Lego


Minecraft – The End

This set includes two exclusive figures, including a version of Steve that comes with his bow, arrow and diamond armour and the Ender Dragon. $18,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Mattel

Hot Wheels Track Blocks Sets

Flip this track any which way and let your minecart go for a ride. Stack with other sets for more customized fun! $25 each,

Hot wheels track in an icy blue with minecartPhoto: Mattel

Sandstone Settlement Playset

Recreate the desert biome for your other Minecraft toys with this awesome new playset. $120,

Sandstone Settlement playset with sand coloured blocks and a pasture fencePhoto: Mattel


Minecraft Transforming Sword/Pickaxe

You can now hold this awesome 2-in-1 tool from the video game in the palm of your hand! Just push the handle in to form the pickaxe or pull it out to reveal the sword. Made from plastic and foam, it’s safe to use in role-play with other Minecrafters. $30,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Mattel

Minecraft Action Figure Playset

Unfold this playset to reveal multiple levels of biomes, surprises and secret passages. Fun features include removable torches, a waterfall, adjustable platforms, ladders and even a crafting table that your little Steve can use to make a diamond pickaxe. The set also includes a hidden diamond, a zombie, and a label sheet for customization. What’s even cooler is that this playset is compatible with Minecraft Survival Mode Figures (sold separately). $100,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Mattel

Minecraft Light Up Diamond Ore Night Light

This three-inch, Diamond Ore night light is perfect for that little Minecraft fan that is still a little scared of the dark. With three different settings, this light is bound to scare off any Creepers. $26,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: ThinkGeek


Lego Minecraft: The End Portal

You’ll have to do more than defeat the cave spider and the endermen to activate the End Portal. First, you have to build it! $75,

Minecraft LEgo set The end portalPhoto: Lego

Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator

Make your own Minecraft stop-motion movie with the help of this play set that includes four mini-figures, 15 props and four backgrounds to set the stage. A free mobile app is available for download to create your movie in three easy steps. $55,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Mattel

Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case

This is a cute and very handy way for any Minecraft fan to safely stash their collectible figures. This cube-shaped case holds up to 32 mini-figures and can also double as a playset. Mini-figures are sold separately. $29,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Mattel


Lego Minecraft: The Mushroom Island

Get to building with this Mushroom Island building set, complete with an adorable mooshroom baby and its mamma. $25,

Lego box for mushroom island minecraft lego setPhoto: Lego

Minecraft RC Flying Ghast

Now you can control Steve’s fireball-shooting nemesis The Ghast. Use the remote control to let it soar or twist 360 degrees for that real, ghastly effect. $100,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Mattel

Armor Up Alex

Quick! Put on your armor so you don’t lose health! $15,

Alex from minecraft figure with purple armourPhoto: Mattel


Minecraft Core Animal 6-Pack

These six, 8-bit style animals now come in one pack! Minecrafters can use them to recreate their favourite scenes or make up their own. The pack includes Cow, Sheep, Pig, Wolf, Ocelot and Chicken. $27,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Jazwares

Minecraft Card Game

Finally, a Minecraft themed card game! Based off the video game, this card game is perfect for a group of 2 to 4 people. Players can mine for resources and craft by using the cards. Whoever reaches the goal first, wins! $20,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Mattel

Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection: Updated Edition

All four updated, official Minecraft handbooks are now close at hand in this sleek box set. Packed with tips and tricks, these go-to books will help your child go from regular constructor to master builder. $60,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Mojang


Minecraft Reversable Cow/Beef Plush

Gamers will love this Cow to Beef plush. This easily reversible buddy can be changed from a cow to piece of raw beef—in the 8-bit pixelated style—by turning it inside out. $28,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Mattel

Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack – Steve

This pack includes a workbench, pickaxe, sword, bed, chest, torch and a Leather Steve figurine. The perfect Minecraft toy for the kid with a love of action figures. $28,  

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Jazwares

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Book 1: A Scare of a Dare

As the first book of this hilarious 11-part series, this is the perfect gift for any Minecraft adventure lover. It’s written as a diary of a 12-year-old Minecraft Zombie (think Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but more Zombie-ish). Zombie kids go to school, don’t brush their teeth, and think their Zombie parents can be a pain sometimes. So it makes you think: Are zombies really different from us? $10,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Herobrine Publishing Inc.


Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword

This highly popular Diamond Sword is made of lightweight foam and is perfect for your kid’s costumes, dress-up or even as bedroom décor. $20,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: ThinkGeek

Minecraft Hacks: The Unofficial Guide to Tips and Tricks That Other Guides Won’t Teach You

The ultimate guide to Minecraft shortcuts and secrets is perfect for hardcore fans. It’s chock full of great tips and hacks that the official guides don’t have on farming, magic, mining and battle. $19,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Sky Pony Press

Minecraft Periodic Table

This collection includes 27, one-inch authentic element blocks. Fans of Minecraft can use them when playing with mini-figures and creating landscapes. $43,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Mattel


Minecraft Wall Torch

The ultimate gift for that hardcore Minecraft fan in your life. This wall torch lights up and can be hand-held or mounted on a wall. Designed in the signature 8-bit style, it looks identical to the one in the game. $33,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: ThinkGeek

Craft Projects for Minecraft and Pixel Art Fans: 15 Fun, Easy-to-Make Projects

Young builders can bring their Minecraft world to life with this book of 15 easy-to-create crafts, including projects using Perler beads, duct tape, paint, needle and thread and paint. $10,

25 cool Minecraft giftsPhoto: Design Originals

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This article was originally published on Nov 04, 2016

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