10 cool fidget toys for kids

Fidget toys are the latest craze and they're taking the toy world by storm! From spinners to squish toys, we’ve got your kid covered.

By Jessica Spera

10 cool fidget toys for kids

10 cool fidget toys for kids

Fidgitz by Think Fun

This brainteaser will be hard to put down once your kid gets a hold of it. The aim is to twist and turn the puzzle until one side is white and the other blue.

Ages 8+. $17,

10 cool fidget toys for kids

ZURU Spinner

Spinners are among the most popular fidget toy on the market right now. The concept is simple: Hold the middle section between your thumb and first finger, then use your other hand to spin! Available in four colours.

Ages 3+. $9, 

fidget toys spinners

Slow-Rise Squishies (Frosted Donut Charm)

These “kawaii” food-themed squish toys are called slow-rise for a reason—squishing them is just as satisfying as watching them slowly rise back to shape. The strap makes each donut attach easily to, say, a backpack, so your kid can take it with her everywhere she goes. They come in many shapes and sizes, including an adorable croissant, popsicle charms and even a slice of shortcake. Note: Squishies are sweetly scented—good to know if your child is sensitive to scents.

Ages 3+. $10,

10 cool fidget toys for kids

Munchables Mesh Marble Fidgets

This seemingly simple pocket-sized fidget toy is more enjoyable than it appears; kids love the satisfying texture of the mesh and the rhythmic back-and-forth movement of the marble. Note: Although these are created by the well-known Munchables brand, they are not meant to be chewed, as they are made of plastic, not silicone.

Ages 3+. $6,

10 cool fidget toys for kids

Zuru Fidget Cube

It may look like a toaster, but this tiny cube boasts six sides of fidget-satisfying features. Use those restless fingers to spin the dial, glide the joystick or endlessly roll the gears and sphere (with built-in click feature). Flip the switch back in forth (in quiet or clicky mode) or click the five buttons—some are silent, some aren’t.

Ages 5+. $18,

fidget toys - fidget cube

Spinzipz by Zing

Spinzipz takes the plain spinner toys to a new level. Not only do these spinners light up (thanks to an LED light housed inside), but they’re stackable—so buy two for extra impact! Available in Red/Blue, Blue/Green and Green/Red (sold separately).

Ages 4+. $7,

10 cool fidget toys for kids

Munchables Squishy Caterpillar Fidgets

This loveable critter is another great sensory fidget by Munchables. Squeeze, stretch and roll the caterpillar between your fingers to reduce stress and anxiety. Note: This toy will break if excessively stretched, and although it is a part of the Munchables line, it’s not meant to be chewed, as it is made of plastic, not silicone. Available in blue, red and purple.

Ages 3+. $4,

10 cool fidget toys for kids

Twiddle by Zorbitz

Fidget! Crunch! Shape! Twiddle offers 70 interchangeable pieces that can be shaped, molded, torn apart and reconnected for hours unlimited amounts of fun.

Ages 6+. $9,

10 cool fidget toys for kids

Thumb Chucks by Zing

These cool skill toys by Zing are like mini nunchucks for your fingers! Roll the two light-up LED balls between your fingers—they’re attached by a mini rope (so you won’t lose them) and are super light. Disconnect them and switch up the colours for a multi-coloured light show. To improve your skills, download the free app that offers tutorials, tips and video recording to share techniques with friends. Available in blue, red, orange and green. Sold separately.

Ages 5+. $9,

10 cool fidget toys for kids

Loopeez Fidget Toy

Your kid will be mesmerized by this fidget toy. Manipulate the blue and green pieces with minimal effort by flipping them around the rings over and over again. It’s small enough to fit in one hand and the simplicity of it will surely satisfy your child’s tactile needs.

Ages 5+. $5,

10 cool fidget toys for kids

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