22 awesome summer toys

Banish boredom with these fun toys for the backyard or the park.

22 awesome summer toys

Photo: Mastermind Toys

best outdoor toys summer

Mini Bug Vac

Your mini entomologist will love sucking up buggy friends to study later. And it’s easy to release them back into the wild when you’re done without ever laying a finger on the delicate insect. Backyard Safari, $25,

green mini bug vacuumPhoto:

Croquet set

The classic wooden ball and mallet game gets a pretty facelift with this colourful set. Comes with six hoops, four mallets, one stake, four balls and a mesh carrying case. Let’s bring back classic lawn games! Ridley, $50,

colourful wooden croquet setPhoto: Indigo


BMXie balance bike

Check out baby’s first BMX. It’s a sleek mini version of the popular stunt bikes and features an adjustable seat and removable footrest that don’t require the fuss-work of tools. Plus, it comes with stickers and a number plate for racing. Kewl. Chillafish, $130,

black and green BMX-style balance bikePhoto: Mastermind Toys

X-Shot Bubble Ball

Take that sibling battle outside with these giant inflatable bubbles that snugly hold a person inside it’s protected air pockets. Try a game of tackle soccer or a simple roll around in the grass. These are awesome. Zuru, $90,

kids inside large inflatable bubble ballsPhoto: Toys R Us

Giant bubble mill

Forget dinky bubble wands. A stream of large bubbles is at the push of a button with this spinning contraption. Pour in the solution and watch your kids clamour as the bubbles float into the air. With no need to help them dunk their wands, you can sit back with your feet up. Gazillion, $27,

bubble-making machine with refill bottlePhoto: Indigo


Active Play gigantic racket set

Watch your kid’s eyes widen when he sets his sights on this ginormous set. Lightweight and with soft foam grips, these are perfect for little ones to hold and swing. Set comes with two rackets, a giant birdie and foam tennis ball. Alex Toys,  $25,

child with oversized racket and tennis ballPhoto: Indigo

My First Pogo

This soft foam version of the classic is perfect for bitty bouncers. With flexible bungee cord built in, the higher you pull the handle, the higher you’ll bounce. Bonus: this toy is so sturdy that it can withstand the weight of an adult, too. Get up there, you.  Flybar, $35,

red foam pogo stickPhoto: Toys R Us

Active Play Super Sand Digger

A big job calls for big equipment and this ride-on crane more than fits the bill. It’s got dual controls and can scoop in any direction the rider pivots. Alex Toys, $62,

kids construction digger for the sandboxPhoto: Alex Toys


Stomp ’n Stamps

Side walk chalk just got taken to a new level with these strap-on discs that allow your feet to leave a trail of fine art in its wake with fun shapes like crescent moons and stars. International Playthings, $20,

boy with circles of chalk attached to his shoesPhoto: International Playthings

Disc Jock-E

This isn’t your normal Frisbee, it’s a Bluetooth-enabled waterproof flying disc so your favourite tunes can be played anytime, anywhere. Tucker Toys, $30,

blue frisbee with music player in centrePhoto: Canadian Tire


Is it a shoe or is it a skate? It’s both, duh. Kids will love gliding along in these skateboard-style kicks. They’re available in a slew of colours and styles. Starting at $100,

pair of black and neon yellow Heely shoesPhoto: Mastermind Toys


Bunch O Balloons

What’s the ultimate way to super-soak your friends? With 100 easy-fill water balloons, of course. An included attachment makes filling and tying off hundreds of balloons a cinch. Red Planet, $15,

strings of fillable water balloonsPhoto: Indigo

RipSurf Board

Hang ten on this surf/skateboard hybrid. Designed in SoCal, the RipSurf lets riders cut and carve just like surfing but on dry land. Razor, $170,

white and rainbow-coloured skateboardPhoto: Mastermind Toys


Simulate holding a trampoline in the palm of your hand with this bouncy pad that allows users to control the speed and bounce of the attached ball. OgoSport, $44,

set of hand paddles with attached ballPhoto:


Wave Hoop

Weighted with water, these hula hoops are easy to swing and manoeuvre—plus, they’ve got a retro feel with bright holographic prints. Sized for kids four and up. $11 each,

set of bright hula hoopsPhoto: Canadian Tire


Try your hand at this bowling-like activity, touted as the number one outdoor game in Europe. Tactic, $65,

wooden blocks with numbersPhoto:

Mega Rocket

Because of its lightweight body and foam fins, this six-foot rocket is easy to catch and throw. Blast off! Diggin Active, $25,

child throwing a large foam rocketPhoto: Mastermind Toys


Light-Up Airbender

Pierce the night sky with this glowing three-winged disc. It’s made from soft material, so catching and throwing the Airbender is a cinch. Night Flyers, $10,

light-up boomerangPhoto: Mastermind Toys

Slackers 50-Foot Slackline

Cut yourself some slack (ha ha) and turn your backyard into an adventure park with this slackline. Once securely fastened to two trees, it lets kids ages eight and up put their balance and core strength to the test as they inch their way across the tether. Jelinek Sports, $120,

neon green slackline kitPhoto: Toys“R”Us

Crayola Special Effects Sidewalk Chalk

Your kids will have a ton of fun bringing some colour to your neighbour with these rad sidewalk chalks. Check out the psychedelic Tie Dye box! $4,

packages of Crayola sidewalk chalkPhoto: Canadian Tire


The Amazing Wubble Bubble Ball

It is flexible like a bubble but plays like a ball. Blow the Wubble up to almost three feet in size and kick it, squish it, squash it or throw it. $20,

large pink wubble ball packagingPhoto: Toys R Us

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This article was originally published on May 18, 2016

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