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26 awesome Pokémon toys

These awesome Pokémon toys will make your kid feel like a real-life Pokémon trainer. They'll wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!

26 awesome Pokémon toys

26 awesome Pokémon toys

Mega Construx Volcano Rivals Playset

Turn up the heat of battle with this awesome volcano building set. But watch out, the lava can come spewing out at any moment! $36,

Volcano made of mega bloksPhoto: Mega Bloks

Zipper Pokéball with Plush Pikachu

Pikachu doesn’t get any more adorable than this little guy. Keep him safe and warm when playtime is over by zipping him up inside his Pokéball. $30,

Plush Pikachu inside a plush pokeballPhoto: Tomy


Clip ’N’ Carry Pokéball Belt

Now you’re starting to look like a real trainer! Keep your Pokéballs within reach with this Clip ‘N’ Carry belt. $30,

Pokemon themed belt with two pokeballs and a pikachu figurePhoto: Tomy

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for 3DS

Go on a brand-new adventure in the Alola Region with the newest Pokémon video games for the Nintendo 3DS. Available November 17, 2017. $50 each,

box art for new pokemon games for 3ds, Ultra Sun and Ultra MoonPhoto: Nintendo

Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: The Official Alola Region Strategy Guide

This is the ultimate guide for your travels through the Alola Region in the new Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon video games. Available November 24, 2017. $32,

Cover art for the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon strategy guidePhoto: Pokemon Company International


My Friend Pikachu Plush

Pikachu, I choose YOU! Give your new friend a tight squeeze and watch his ears move and cheeks light up as he says a phrase from the show. $40,

Pikachu plushPhoto: Tomy

Mega Construx Pokéball Building Set

Which Pokémon did you catch? With six different options, you won’t know until open the ball and build it yourself! $9,

Abra Pokemon made of mega bloks on top of a mega bloks pokeballPhoto: Mega Bloks

Alola Region Activity Book

Have some island-hopping fun in the Alola Region with this awesome new activity book. $16,

Cover of the Pokémon Alola Region Activity Book featuring Pikachu, Litten, Popplio, and RowletPhoto: Pikachu Press


Petite Pals Party House Playset

Give your Pokémon a break from battling and let them party it up in this super cute playhouse. $30,

double level play house with petite pals pokemonPhoto: Tomy

Mega Construx Gyarados

Tame the mighty Gyarados with this awesome building set! Once you’re done building, put him in a fearsome pose and show him off to your friends. $40,

Gyrados made of mega bloksPhoto: Mega Bloks

Z-Ring Set

Insert a Z-Crystal and unlock the ultimate power of your Pokémon’s Z-move! $40,

plastic Z ring braclet with a glowing red z crystal and pikachu figurinePhoto: Tomy


”Burning Shadows” Elite Trainer Box

Warning! This box is for elite trainers only. Think you can handle it? $60,

Spread of whats included in the Burning shadows elite trainer box: eight packs of trading cards, dice and other cardsPhoto: Echo

Mega Construx Bulbasaur vs. Pikachu Battle Set

“Bulbasaur! Use Vine Whip!” “Pikachu, Thundershock now!” Set up a dynamic battle scene with this cool buidling set. $18,

Bulbasaur and pikachu made of mega bloks with a background of treesPhoto: Mega Bloks

14Piece Puzzle Tin

Unlike normal puzzle tins, this one is shaped like a Pokéball! The 100-piece puzzle inside features all your Pokémon favourites. $9,

Puzzle Tin shaped like a pokeballPhoto: Cardinal


Throw ’N’ Pop Pokéball Duel Set

Challenge your friends to a Pokémon battle with this exclusive duel set. Just load Pikachu into the special popping Pokéball and toss it onto the battlefield to launch him into action! $25,

two pokemon fgures pikachu and cubone next to throw and pop pokeballsPhoto: Tomy

Origami Kit

This Pokémon origami guide will have you folding dozens of little Pokémon friends in no time. Creating critters straight from the sunny Alola Region is the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon. $16,

Cover art for the Pokemon origami book featuring pokemon from the alola regionPhoto: Pokemon Company International

Pokémon Go Plus

This add-on is a must for Pokémon GO players. Wear it on your wrist, and you can stay connected to the app without having to look at your phone. $50,

26 awesome Pokémon toysPhoto: Nintendo


Official Guide to Legendary and Mythical Pokémon

Gotta read ’em all! This guide has all the facts and stats you’ll need on over 50 awesome legendaries like Arceus and Zygarde. It even has a fun sticker sheet and a pull-out poster of the Kalos region legendaries: Yveltal, Zygarde, and Xerneas. $10,

26 awesome Pokémon toysPhoto: Scholastic

Monopoly: Kanto Edition

Try to catch ’em all—properties, that is—with this Pokémon spin on the classic board game. $50,

26 awesome Pokémon toysPhoto: USAopoly

Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages Comic Book

Join Ash on yet another journey as he goes up against the Pokémon Hoopa in this comic book based on the movie. $13,

26 awesome Pokémon toysPhoto: Perfect Square


Legendary Sticker Collection

This sticker pack comes with hundreds of stickers that kids will be tempted to stick onto all their belongings! That is, if they don’t start trading them first. $18,

26 awesome Pokémon toysPhoto: Pokemon Company International

Catch ’N’ Return Pokéball

You can catch your own Pokémon just like your favourite trainers in the show! It’ll even return to you after each succesful catch. $20,

26 awesome Pokémon toysPhoto: Tomy

How-To-Draw Kit: Starting with All-Stars!

Your little one can become a master Pokémon artist and draw all her favourite Poképals with this easy-to-follow tutorial book. $20,

26 awesome Pokémon toysPhoto: Pikachu Press


Felties Craft Kit

Create your very own fuzzy Pokémon friends with this fantastic felt craft set. $18,

26 awesome Pokémon toysPhoto: Pikachu Press

Charizard 9 Pocket Card Portfolio

Are your kid’s Pokémon cards everywhere? Organize them all in one place with this cool Charizard card portfolio which holds up to 180 of your little one’s precious Pokémon. $15,

26 awesome Pokémon toysPhoto: Pokémon Company International

Catch Tepig! A Look & Listen Set

A unique way to watch the show, this set includes a follow-along book to accompany DVD episodes of the show. Special headphones are also included. $15,

26 awesome Pokémon toysPhoto: Pikachu Press

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This article was originally published on Aug 11, 2016

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