Adding a new child to the family: What's Brewing

Our What's Brewing group met in Markham this month to discuss the challenges of bringing home another baby.

Nov_WhatsBrewing_article Photo: Second Cup

I remember the day that my then two-year-old daughter, Violet, officially became a big sister. She toddled into my hospital room to meet her new baby sister, June, clutching a bag from the gift shop downstairs. As we’d planned, my husband, Jamie, had taken Violet to pick out a gift to welcome the newest addition to our family. She was so proud to hand over the soft toy—a stuffed watering can filled with little bunny, duck and frog rattles. Then Jamie lifted her up onto the bed, I filled my arms with both of my daughters and Violet reached out to gently to “beep” June’s nose, touch her tiny fingers and give her a kiss. It was a very emotional moment for all of us and even typing about it now brings tears to my eyes.

Of course, adding a new child to the family brings more than just picture perfect moments. At our last What’s Brewing event held at a Second Cup on Main Street in Markham, we spent a lot of time discussing the more practical aspects, including how to deal with sibling jealousy, whether to keep the nursery as is and move the older kid to a new room, and even how our pets reacted to a new baby in the house.

As I had experienced at the August What’s Brewing event, the moms were quick to chime in on the conversation, offering each other advice and sharing personal stories and support, even though most of them had just met. There was no judgment, just lots of laughter, as moms became comfortable enough to share their own missteps—one ruefully admitted that the expensive crib she just had to have for her first child was quickly ruined by that same kid. (Crib bars can feel good on teething gums!)

Watching the moms exchange email addresses and information about preschools in the area was especially satisfying, knowing that we’d helped bring together potential new friends. Hopefully they’ll meet for coffee again soon.


This was the final What’s Brewing event for now. Keep an eye on online and in the magazine for future events. We always love getting the chance to know our awesome readers and their kids.

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