5 cozy ways to stay warm without power

We asked our readers for their best ideas for keeping their family cozy and warm without power.

By Today's Parent
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With so many of our readers still without power after the devastating ice storm that hit Ontario late last week, we took to our Facebook community to find out how you keep your family warm and happy during a winter power outage.

Here are five ways to keep your kids cozy and well-fed if you aren't able to relocate to a hotel or hunker down with family or friends who have power (and a Christmas turkey roasting in the oven). Thanks to our readers for these tips.

We're hoping hydro is restored quickly to those in the dark so everyone can have a toasty and bright holiday.

1. "We keep "warm" with musical instruments, the big family bed, and playing Fluxx by lantern."                                                                                                    -- Angela McCabe

2. "Make a blanket and cushion fort, and make it like a game. It keeps everyone warm and kids entertained." -- Sandra Harp

3. "Luckily we were prepared with a camping stove and BBQ, both with full tanks of fuel, which we only use for cooking outside." -- Ainsley Carter


4. "Go to a local arena that offers public skating or head to a local pool for a swim and warm shower." -- Charlene Bodnarchuk

5.  "If needed, we go into the car for heat." -- Amy Perrault

SAFETY WARNING: Never sit in a running car in an enclosed garage; your vehicle needs to be in a well-ventilated area to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Rogers retail locations in impacted areas will be open until 5 p.m. Christmas Eve and again on Boxing Day so residents can access the store WiFi network, charge their device and use courtesy phones and laptops to keep in touch with loved ones.

What are some other safe ways to keep your family cozy and entertained during a power outage?

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