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Tested: Parent’s Choice Baby Diapers

Galit Solomon reviews the Parent's Choice Baby Diapers as part of the Today's Parent Approved program.


We were warned about it on the second day of our baby prep class—the day will come when your little bundle of joy will serve up a massive poop. So big, in fact, that before the smell sinks in you’ll pause and look at your baby in wonder: how did something so big come out of something so tiny? Seeing as we were all first-time parents in the group, there was a collective giggle.

But the joke was on us because, as promised, that day arrived.

One of the most important features I look for in a diaper is its ability to contain number twos. But, of course, there are other factors I consider as well. Comfort, fit and price all come to mind.

I was sent a package of 120 Parent’s Choice Baby Diapers in a size five to test on my little one. He just recently graduated into the 27 pounds-plus category and is constantly on the move, practicing his crawl. To me, that means he needs a diaper that offers some flexibility.

Here’s what I dig about the Parent’s Choice Number 5 diapers:



There’s no question that the price is right. At less than 20 dollars for a pack of 120, you can’t beat it! Pick up a box of any one of the leading brands and you’re dishing out an addition 15 to 30 bucks.


I like that the velcro straps are thicker than the brand we’ve been using until now. Our little boy is on the bigger side and I believe the velcro helps to keep the diaper in place better. It also prevents the top from rolling down.



There is some added flexibility at the back of the waistband with a panel that expands as your baby grows allowing a more comfortable fit. I can’t count the number of times my boy had a growth spurt and grew a size the day after we open a diaper box. The diapers are also hypoallergenic, dye- and perfume-free which is always a bonus, and a must-have if your child has sensitive skin.

What I didn’t dig?

We had one urine leak. Not a lot but, frankly, it was one more than we’ve had with the brand we'd been using up until this point. I will say that we’ve had number two leaks with the other brand, but never a number one.

Also, the packaging touts a diaper with an ultra-thin absorbent core. I like that the diaper is not too bulky, especially since my boy is on the move so much. But the leak has me wondering about the effectiveness of the thin core.

Taking all factors into consideration, however, I will give these diapers another shot—unless, of course, there are more leaks. So far there haven’t been any.

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