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Tested: Parent's Choice Yogurt Bites - Strawberry

Angela van Tijn of tests out Parent's Choice Yogurt Bites.

By Today's Parent

As part of Today's Parent Approved program I recently received a selection of products to try out with my family, including a package of strawberry-flavoured Parent’s Choice Yogurt Bites.

These freeze-dried yogurt snacks are made with real fruit yogurt and contain live and active cultures. They have no preservatives, or artificial colours and flavours. Available in strawberry, mixed berry and banana, these yogurt bites are a great way to get children to eat dairy without worrying about keeping the product refrigerated. They're mess-free and very easy for small hands to grab.

I found the taste of the Parent's Choice Yogurt Bites to be quite delicious and my three-year-old absolutely loved eating them just as much as I did. We both shared the pack together.

Since they dissolve really quickly in your mouth I didn't have to worry about them being a choking hazard, which is always a concern for parents of toddlers. They are also easy to pack as an emergency snack for on-the-go activities.

We love the Parent’s Choice Yogurt Bites, the only problem is that I have to hide them from my son or else he'll happily eat the whole bag by himself!

van tijn 200x200Creator of, Angela van Tijn is constantly researching and reviewing the best products and solutions for new families. Find her on Twitter @onesmileymonkey, Instagram (@onesmileymonkey) and Facebook.

This article was originally published on Mar 20, 2014

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