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Symphony LX all-in-one Car Seat, Jordan

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Being a mom has always meant providing the very best for my children. With each child, I found myself learning and growing right along with them.

However, preparing for each kid meant choosing products that were not only high-quality, but safe. And that’s not always easy—there are so many strollers, cribs, high chairs, etc., on the market. Picking a car seat was one choice I never took lightly. Knowing my child is as safe as possible during every car trip makes all the difference to me as a mom.

One brand that has provided high-quality products for my children throughout the years is Evenflo. It was exciting to get the chance to review the new Evenflo Platinum Symphony™ LX all-in-one Car Seat for Today’s Parent Approved. What immediately sets this car seat apart is the fact that my kid can use it from birth to 110 lbs. A car seat that transitions as my child grows not only offers peace of mind, but saves money!

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In terms of safety, the Platinum Symphony goes above and beyond. This car seat actually exceeds the federal crash-test standard and provides side impact protection, so I know my sweet little one is extra secure.

For me, this is the first car seat that has really blown away the competition in regards to features. The car seat features OUTLAST Performance Fabric, which basically balances body temperature so my child is extra comfortable. As parents know, a hot baby makes for a cranky baby.


The one thing I have always dreaded in regards to a car seat is actually installing it in the car. I totally admit to leaving this task to my husband because my patience is pretty nonexistent. Anyone who has put a car seat into any vehicle knows it isn’t an easy feat. To my wonderful surprise, the Platinum Symphony™ LX has SureLATCH Technology, which means you put the latch in your vehicle, push down and it auto tightens for you. I like to call it the dream feature for every parent!

Additional features I’m in love with include a machine-washable pad, dual cupholders, removable head and body pillow, upfront harness adjustment and Infinite Slide harness. I always dread rethreading the car seat harness, and thankfully I don’t even have to worry about it with this car seat. Plus, children are always spilling something so being able to simply throw the pad in the washing machine is awesome.

Now I wish all my car seat experiences could have been this awesome!

Kristen Paskus is a busy mom and a blogger for This Lil Piglet—a site full of parenting tips and tricks. Stacey is a mom of five and the founder of This Lil Piglet. She shares yummy recipes, easy DIYs and green ideas that you should definitely check out. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter for great budgeting ideas, travel tidbits and more. 

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It used to take several frustrated grown-ups and an exasperated trip to the car seat installation centre to ensure you had Baby’s ride properly secured. Evenflo’s Symphony LX takes that stress away with its SureSafe installation system. The Quick Connector LATCH helps you easily attach and detach the seat with one hand. The Symphony LX also converts to a booster so your easy riders can use it as they grow. Weight rating all the way from 5 to 110 lbs.

Parents say: “I like how easy it is to use. Getting a car seat in and out of the car can be extremely difficult, so this system really appeals to me.”

Where to buy: $248.86,>

This article was originally published on Feb 09, 2015

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