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fila-Intertia-shoe Photo: Tammi Roy

When my girls were babies and toddlers, there were a ton of cute shoes on the market that also had good support for their little feet. But as my girls aged, I noticed that the choices for fashionable and supportive footwear became limited. I was always torn between two options, both of which weren't that appealing:

1. Great looking shoes that offered no movement or support 2. Shoes with mucho function and support, but their look left me and the girls cringing

My kids, like most other kids, are incredibly active. If they aren't running around at the playground or in gym class, they’re hopping and jumping around in the backyard. Then, there are all the sports and activities, which require supportive and comfortable shoes.

I know the pain of unsupportive shoes. I’ve made bad choices in the past—who hasn’t! So despite their complaints about not-cute shoes, I make my kids wear shoes that are good for their feet and backs!

Then, along came the FILA INERTIA kids shoe, and for the first time in a long time, we were all happy.

Super lightweight and ultra-flexible, the FILA INERTIA sneaker gives the traction and durability my busy kids need.


The Inertias are good-looking shoes. My girls beamed at first sight; they loved the bold colours, which are so “in” right now. Finding shoes they love is half the battle. Am I right, parents?

The next battle is whether the shoes are comfy. I found absolutely no break-in time was needed with these shoes, and there wasn't one complaint from my girls over anything rubbing or pushing them the wrong way. Happy kid equals happy mom.

I've come across many running shoes that aren't that flexible at all. In fact, the very first thing I do after picking up a kid’s shoe is bend and twist it to see how it moves. Why? Because kids move A LOT. The INERTIAs bend where needed, yet are also sturdy and supportive at the same time. Hello, perfect shoe.

FILA-Intertia-grip Photo: Tammi Roy

Here are a few more reasons why I love this shoe. It’s light and breathable—great for my busy girls. The shoes have excellent traction thanks to the bottom grips. Kids are clumsy, so this is an important safety feature. This and non-marking soles make these stylish runners an excellent indoor shoe—even the teachers will approve.


Right now my kids wear their FILA INERTIA shoes as indoor shoes, taking them to their weekly tumbling class and to drop-in classes at our recreation centre. Yet I know these shoes will transition into summer shoes. These FILAs will see many sunshiny days at the zoo and outdoor festivals.

Price is also key for parents when it comes to buying shoes. I have three kids, so I need affordable options. The stylish and supportive FILA INERTIA shoe runs for about $50. But do a quick online search and you'll find many Canadian shops selling them at $39 a pair with free shipping. This is pretty reasonable, if not lower than I'd expect for such a quality brand-name shoe.

FILA INERTIAs come in so many colours for both boys and girls, and range from baby to tween sizes. Since they don't have half sizes, I would suggest going up one size when shopping.

Tammi Roy of My Organized Chaos is a mom of three from Alberta. Tammi is passionate about photography, travel and food (with luck, all at once). Her thoughts on parenthood and all the chaos it entails can be found at Follow her on Twitter @MyChaos and like her page on Facebook.

running shoes

There are lots of kids’s shoes out there that are cute, but not many that are both cute and good for growing feet. The EVA (a soft and flexible polymer) of the midsole provides cushioning and shock absorption, the lightweight synthetic mesh is breathable, and the extra rubber on high-impact areas offers good traction for wee feet as they traverse new kingdoms.

Where to buy: $50,>

This article was originally published on Feb 09, 2015

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Tammi is an Albertan mom of three girls (twins plus one) and is passionate about photography, travel and food (with luck, all at once). Her thoughts on parenthood and all the chaos that entails can be found at My Organized Chaos (