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Lemon Lily Organic Tea

lemon-lily-tpa Photo: Janice Croze

Whether the only tea you’ve ever sipped is iced and from a can or you’re a tea connoisseur who speaks the language of all things herbal, once you experience Lemon Lily, you’ll be hooked. You’ll have your pinkies up in anticipation of one more cup of tea, in one more incredible flavour.

In fact, I would wager that I’m not the only Lemon Lily fan who reads through their vast lists of teas—they have more than 150 natural and certified organic loose leaf teas—wanting to taste every single one, stumped over which one to buy next.

(I wonder if they sell samplers with every tea they have ever created…)

As a child, I remember going with my mother to our neighbourhood tea shop where she purchased her favourite blend of Orange Spice. My mother’s afternoon cup of tea, with a cookie on the side if she was feeling indulgent, was a sacred part of her day.

In my “supermarket life”, most of the tea I buy comes prepackaged off the shelves of whichever grocery store I happen to be in.

So, when I had the chance to test out Lemon Lily for Today’s Parent Approved, I was intrigued. Living on the west coast, I hadn’t heard about the Canadian company, let alone had a chance to visit their storefront in Toronto. After reading about their dedication to handcrafting and blending 100% natural and certified organic teas, free of artificial flavours, gluten and GMOs, I couldn’t wait to have a cup.


And with just one sip, that was it, I was totally in love with Lemon Lily.

Lemon-Lily-tea-bags Photo: Janice Croze

Lemon Lily makes tea time a sensory experience—the beautiful colours of the herbs and spices, the fragrant steam rising from the brewing teapot, the depth of flavours as you take your first sip.

But those rich flavours are not artificially boosted.

No, they’re 100% real.


Lemon Lily explains, “We do not believe in chemically produced flavours, so we take a 100% natural route, which means that all of our flavours come directly from our ingredients, including natural extracts and essential oils from the fruits and plants.”

And, perhaps the most charming and delightful part about Lemon Lily is they prepare your tea fresh to order. Yes, they actually craft your tea on demand, so you have the freshest tea possible.

Lemon Lily, will you be my cup of tea forever?

Janice Croze is one-half of the amazing duo who run 5 Minutes for Mom. Follow them on Twitter for lots of yummy recipes and fun craft inspiration. And they share lots of amazing tips on their Facebook page too!

organic tea


This Toronto-based company creates 100-percent natural and certified-organic teas that pack a punch of authentic flavour with plenty of health benefits. Choose from caffeinated classics like chai or green, opt for a unique herbal flavour (caramel apple, anyone?), or try a global-inspired black tea like Bollywood or A Night in Paris. Can’t decide? Every Lemon Lily online order includes a few free samples to help you find your favourite flavour.

Parents say: “My children love tea, and I love that you don’t need sweetener with these as they’re naturally sweet.”

Where to buy: From $7,>

This article was originally published on Feb 09, 2015

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